What is a 13 5 Odds Betting System?

While many people play the 13th Man sports betting system in the summer months, few know exactly what it means. Let’s take a quick look at some of the basics about this popular betting strategy before getting started. 

The Basics

13th Man is a wagering system that exploits the fact that most sportsbooks have a wide tolerance for wagers on almost all outcomes of a game. In the summer months, many people play the 13th Man system, as the majority of sportsbooks open up for business, allowing for easier wagering. However, don’t be fooled by the season – this strategy can be applied year-round, potentially yielding bigger profits.

With most sportsbooks open for business, we can place wagers on just about any game we want. However, in order to make the most of this capability, we need to set some rules. First, let’s avoid over/under bets, where we are intentionally taking one side or the other. Second, let’s avoid bets where we don’t have complete control of the outcome, such as betting on the weather. Third, let’s avoid bets where our own team is involved or where we have personal animosity toward one of the teams. Finally, we should only bet what we can afford to lose, as profits from small wagers add up quickly and can allow for heavy wagering in the future. This strategy works best when combined with unit trusts and/or closed end funds for optimum results.

How Does It Work?

If we examine the number of runners on each team from a standpoint of probability, we find that the 13th Man system is heavily reliant on the theory of combinatorics. Combinatorics gives us the ability to determine the number of permutations or combinations of any given set of items, in this case, runners. Using our previous example, if the total number of runners on all nine teams is 33, then we can calculate the number of unique permutations as follows:

(33 choose 2) x (33 choose 1) x (33 choose 0) = 66,000,000

Therefore, there are 66 million possible combinations of runners, which makes it extremely convenient for us to place wagers in this manner. Most importantly, we can eliminate or reduce the element of chance involved by utilizing the skill of handicapping. In doing so, we actually increase our odds of winning, as we are no longer reliant on luck!

In a nutshell, the 13th Man betting system entails placing bets on all NBA games using a set of rules that eliminate as much chance as possible. In so doing, we are able to gain a distinct advantage over the typical sports betting experience, where our odds of winning are largely determined by chance.