What is a Football Spread in Betting?

If you’re new to betting, you may be familiar with two terms: spread and spread betting. The first is when a bookmaker takes an agreed upon price for a selection and then discounts that price when the event happens. For example, if you bet on Arsenal to score first in a match and they actually draw first, the bookmaker will pay out on your bet at the agreed upon price of 2.0 even though the match ended in a stalemate (0–0). This happens because the spread is already built into the bet – the price is already factored in. It is essentially a type of parlay that takes place over two or more matches.

Spread betting is when you put money on a team to win or lose a football match. For example, you might bet on Arsenal to beat Chelsea 3–0 or Liverpool to beat Manchester United 0–3. In this type of bet, the price of the bet does not include the spread. In the example above, you would pay £10 to lay £5 on Arsenal to win the match and would not have to pay the extra £5 to win the bet. This is also known as a money line bet. There are many different types of spreads including total number of goals, corners, red cards, yellow cards, and so on. For more information, please visit:

You might be wondering what is the difference between betting on football and other sports. Let’s examine the key differences so you can make an informed decision regarding where you place your bets.

Key Differences Between Betting on Football and Other Sports

There are several key differences between betting on football and other sports. First off, you need to consider the length of the games. Football is a relatively long sport. It can last anywhere from two to three hours. This means there is a lot of time for the game to develop. During that time, you could score, you could make a mistake, and you could lose. For this reason, you usually need to make bets on football a day or two in advance.

Take cricket for instance. A cricket game rarely lasts more than two or three hours. If you’re watching the match and you score a six, that’s it. There’s no extra innings. However, if you’re watching the match and the other team scores a hundred, you might have to wait until the 4th or 5th hour to see who wins the match. This gives you less time to make a meaningful amount of money. Another key difference is that football is a lot more social than other sports. The games are unscripted and often unpredictable. For example, when you’re watching a football match and a goal is scored, the goal-scorer may run to the center of the field and celebrate with his teammates. This is something you would not see in a scripted sport like cricket. The unpredictability of football makes it a lot more fun to bet on.

Above all, do not expect to win every single bet you place. Sure, you might win some and lose some. The point is that you’re playing with an even chance of winning or losing. You’re not going to get someone else to take care of losing for you. To paraphrase Michael Jordan, “you expect to win, you will win; you expect to lose, you will lose.”