What is Action in Baseball Betting?

The idea behind action in baseball betting is simple: Create a betting line that reflects how the game is actually being played. Now, you might be thinking, “That’s easy for you to say, Joe. I bet on my team because I like them or hope for a specific outcome.” Well, yes, that’s exactly what betting is all about. However, when you bet on your team, you are typically placing a wager on the final score of the game. This is called a cumulative wager.

But what if your team is winning by a wide margin, or what if the outcome of the game is not certain? In those situations, it’s not smart to bet on the final score. You need to consider taking some action instead.

Consider a Money Line Wager

If you’re reading this, it means you’re either a serious baseball fan or you know one. If that’s the case, then you know exactly what kind of wager you should be making: The money line wager. This is where you place a wager on the game in such a way that if your team wins, you win, and if your team loses, you lose your wager. In other words, you’ll either win or lose what you put down on the wager. This type of wager is usually the simplest to understand, and it works very well for fans of all experience levels. If you’re interested in trying out a money line wager, you should do so with one of the top-rated sportsbooks. Having an excellent reputation is key; reviews matter, too.

But if you want to get more sophisticated, you can take alternative wagers. If your team is ahead by a large margin, you can bet on the total number of runs the game will end up scoring. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure that your book has the appropriate odds on that play. Alternatively, you can bet on the total number of hits (runs and hits together) the opposing team will accumulate. There are also several other possibilities, like the winning streak of the visiting team or the amount of times the home team will reach base (or both).

When To Bet On Your Team

As a general rule, you should only bet on your team if you think there’s a good chance your team will win. Even though you may be confident your team is going to win, the odds may still be against you. Consider the following:

  • Weather conditions can affect the outcome of a game.
  • There can be roster replacements and injuries that hinder your team’s performance.
  • Managers can make substitutions and changes to the batting order that affect the outcome of a game (and your bankroll, too!)
  • The opposing team may be trying to catch up with you in the standings (this especially applies if you’re a fan of a team that was previously in last place).

When Not To Bet On Your Team

As a general rule, do not bet on your team if you’re losing. It’s the same as above, except now you’re rooting against your own team. This is especially rough when your team is winning because, in that case, you’re basically telling the book you want them to win so you can make a profit. But you shouldn’t bet on your team if the outcome is still in doubt. Even though your team is leading, there’s always the remote possibility they’ll lose.

As you can see, there are numerous circumstances when it’s not smart to bet on your team. But that’s why we have gambling: To take advantage of situations like these. Instead of placing a wager on your team when it’s not smart to do so, consider an alternative option. You can keep playing, of course, and eventually luck will turn and you’ll hit a winning streak. Or, you can switch to a different team and make a profit off their winnings. The choice is up to you.