What Is Alternate Points in Betting?

So you’re stuck in a bit of a rut with your usual fantasy football lineup, running out of ideas for your next big purchase. Maybe you’ve hit a bit of a dry spell at the box office, and you’ve decided that an R-rated movie is the right move for the whole family. Or maybe you’ve just hit a slump with the ladies, and you need a change of pace to get the adrenaline flowing. Whatever the case may be, when the season ends and your league mates tally up their points, you realize that you could have made some good choices with some alternate points strategies.

Alternate points is a fantasy football term used to describe the accumulation of points beyond the standard scoring format for players on your roster. One of the most popular methods of accumulating alternate points is through the use of rostering two quarterbacks who finish with more than one touchdown pass. The second-string quarterback is typically a quality fill-in who usually only sees action in blowout games, while the starter rests comfortably in the game plan. Using two quarterbacks with alternate points allows you to hedge your bets and makes you more likely to win, even if one of your players drops a pass, gets injured, or doesn’t perform up to expectations.

What Is Regular Points in Betting?

Conversely, regular points is the term used when the standard rules of fantasy football apply. Your team must be composed of players who are available in your league’s weekly transaction window, and your starting lineup must be set before you make any lineup changes. Allowing players to be on a roster in more than one league is expressly prohibited, as is paying for position or using any kind of service that determines player values based on usage or performance in other leagues. The only way to accumulate points in the traditional manner is through performance on the field, and the only way to beat the spread is through superior betting knowledge.

More Than Meets The Eye

Alternate points in betting can be a great way to give yourself a slight edge in your fantasy football league, provided you’re willing to put in the work. The method is simple: follow a carefully crafted routine to find value plays in pre-game, during, and post-game settings. By maximizing the value of your roster and minimizing your losses, you can improve your overall chances of winning. It’s not easy, though, especially when you’re going against the grain and aren’t used to thinking this way. If you’re looking to incorporate alternate points into your lineup this season, or if you’re just looking for a new way to play fantasy football, give it a shot! Good luck out there.