Best Sports Betting App for Apple

The US government shutdown has paused all sports activities in the country, leaving bookmakers and other businesses reliant on the money they get from sports betting and the leisure industry at large. Amidst the chaos that the shutdown has caused, the mobile gaming industry has stepped in to fill the void left by the government, and several companies have rebranded themselves as ‘nonsports’ betting firms to better reflect their business model.

The fallout from the government shutdown has only just begun to be felt, and while the US sports scene is in suspense, keen sports fans can still get their fix of football, basketball and baseball via the best sports betting apps for Apple products.

Best iPad Sports App

The Apple iPad has created a new paradigm in consumer-facing computing, and the company’s success in the tablet market is testament to the device’s versatility and popularity. It may be small and easy to use, but the iPad’s ability to handle complex computing tasks means that it can also be used as a functioning workstation. This has led to the development of specialist apps that harness the power of the iPad, particularly in the area of sports betting and gaming.

If you’re looking for a dedicated sports app for your Apple iPad, then look no further. The Sports Illustrated app for iPad offers an elegant wrapper around the popular Sports Illustrated website, featuring all the news, scores, stats and more from the world of sports. The app was built from the ground up to take advantage of the larger display size and richer interface of the iPad, and it does this rather well. However, if you have a PC or Mac, you can also use the software development kit (SDK) to access the full range of features offered by the Sports Illustrated website.

Best iPhone Sports App

The iPhone is another popular and versatile device in the Apple Inc. lineup, and it too has been applied to the field of sports. If you’re looking for a sports app for your iPhone 6 or newer device, then there are a number of worthy contenders. Xposed Sports offers the full functionality of a PC-based online sportsbook, but it brings that experience to your fingertips. The app connects to popular sports sites in real time, enabling users to follow their favorite teams and athletes as they compete around the world. The app also provides a quick and easy way for users to get odds and make wagers on their favorite sporting events. Moreover, the app’s interface is designed to be simple and easy to use for sports fans of all experience levels. All of these factors make Xposed Sports the ultimate companion to any sports enthusiast.

Most Popular Android Sports App

If you’re a user of Google’s Android operating system, then you have a variety of sports apps to choose from. Not only does the platform’s app store offer a wide range of choice with more than 200 apps specifically designed for sports fans, but it also continually updates its content, offering fans a fresh selection of apps and games to choose from. The most popular Android sports app is the Pockett’s Place app, which has been downloaded more than 15 million times and enables users to bet on the outcome of sporting events such as football, cricket and hockey. The app simplifies the process of placing wagers on your favorite sports, and it does so with style.

Best Mac Sports App

If you’re a fan of Apple and the Mac OS X operating system, then you can also access sporting events, news and stats via the company’s Safari browser. With the introduction of the Mac App Store, it became easy for developers to create applications for the platform, and several companies have stepped in to meet the demand, especially in the area of sports. mSQL Sports is one such app, enabling fans to follow their favorite teams and players as they compete around the world. With mSQL Sports, users can also get odds on their sporting events, stay up to date with the news, and analyze the performance of their favorite teams and players. Moreover, the app allows users to take their pick from a variety of sports including baseball, football, hockey and more.

The Future of Sports Betting

With tablets and smartphones providing dedicated spaces for gaming and digital content, it’s evident that the days of sports fans having to rely on giant screens positioned in front of TVs are numbered. The iPad and iPhone have enabled fans to stay informed and engaged with sports even when they aren’t physically in the presence of a screen, and this is likely to continue as technology advances. Moreover, the popularity of social media platforms in general means that fans can still access information about their favorite sports teams and players via digital means, even when the team they support is not participating in the game itself.

Whether you prefer to follow sports through a tablet or smartphone screen, or through a computer monitor, there are numerous platforms out there that allow fans to keep up to date with all the latest news and stats. With a little digging, any fan can learn the basics of betting and can also find a good sportsbook to fill their void left by the government shutdown.