What is Betting in the Box?

Betting in the Box, or “wi-fi betting”, has been gaining popularity as the ability to place bets and collect winnings from smart-phones and tablets increase.

While the concept behind internet gambling is to provide all the necessary tools for users to place their bets however they wish, the convenience of being able to place them from wherever you are has led to some interesting developments. These include mobile betting apps that allow users to place bets even without an internet connection, and virtual sportsbooks that allow users to place bets on the outcomes of real-life events such as NBA games.

The Rise in Mobile Betting

The convenience of mobile betting has been demonstrated by the rise in popularity of mobile betting apps. These are often provided by the same teams and leagues that operate online sportsbooks, and offer the same functions- including live betting and in-play betting- as their online equivalents. Mobile betting apps also allow users to create and manage accounts, deposit and withdraw funds, and check account balances from their devices, which increases the likelihood that they will be used regularly.

If you’re just getting started in internet betting, it’s important to keep in mind the advantages of mobile betting. Not only do they allow you to place bets from almost anywhere, but the funds you deposit are held in a similar manner to a traditional sportsbook. This means that your money is safe, which is especially important if you’re a newer player. The convenience of mobile betting is undeniable, and with its many benefits it’s easy to see why it has become so popular.

The Growth of Virtual Sportsbooks

Just as the spread of mobile betting has increased the accessibility of internet betting, the spread of esports has increased the accessibility of sports gambling.

The rise of esports as a viable sporting alternative is largely owing to the ever-increasing level of competition. Thanks to initiatives like the Intel® Challenge, which provides scholarships to esports athletes, and the creation of the Overwatch League, which offers significant prize money, the chance to play at the highest level, and global recognition, esports are more popular than ever before. This increasing popularity has led to a rise in the number of virtual sportsbooks that have popped up in the past few years, enabling fans of esports to bet on their favorite games and players.

While many traditional sportsbooks offer betting on esports, most of them require you to be based in the U.S. If you’re looking for a European-facing esports betting site, try one of our recommended websites below.

Which Countries Can I Visit on My Vacation?

There are some restrictions when it comes to traveling to certain countries if you’re a U.S. citizen. However, with the right travel authorization, you’re free to explore many different places online. While some of these places are undoubtedly dangerous (for example, Syria), you’re more likely to encounter trouble due to terrorism if you’re in a country that doesn’t allow the U.S. to issue visitors visas. Places like Turkey and Argentina allow U.S. citizens to visit without a visa as a part of the Vienna Convention, which was originally adopted to protect diplomatic personnel from being targeted by political violence. This convention was originally intended to apply to places that lacked the “fundamental attributes of a country”, as described by the United Nations. The list of countries who’ve signed the Vienna Convention is as follows:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Northern Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • Vatican City

These places have agreed to honor U.S. visas when they are applied for in other locations. So if you’re traveling abroad and want to visit any of these countries, make sure to obtain the proper travel authorization from the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country you’ll be entering. Doing business in certain places without getting the proper authorization could cause you serious trouble, even jeopardize your security.

Is It Legal to Gamble While On Vacation?

The legality of vacation betting depends on the location you’ll be traveling to. Some countries, like Greece, allow their citizens to bet while on vacation, but it’s not expressly permitted. In those places, you risk breaking the law. In most cases, online gambling is considered to be illegal in the country you’re visiting. But, there are exceptions for trips abroad. For example, Germany allows its residents to legally gamble online. So while it’s not legal to bet on vacation in most cases, it is in some. Check the rules and regulations of the country you’ll be traveling to before you dive in. Otherwise, you could find yourself in trouble. Especially if you’re not that into DIYing laws.

On the other hand, there are some countries, like Austria, that consider online gambling to be a form of entertainment, and don’t treat it that way. Also, there are parts of Austria that allow online gambling, so it’s best to check the rules and regulations of each jurisdiction separately. In fact, Austria is one of the rare countries that treats all forms of gambling, including online gambling, as a crime. So if you’re planning on traveling to Austria, make sure to obey their rules and regulations, or you could find yourself in some legal trouble. Especially if you’re not into DIYing laws.

The Future of Betting

Thanks to mobile betting and virtual sportsbooks, online betting is undergoing a massive transformation, and it’s only natural that these are the two primary areas where many of the changes are taking place. While it’s still considered “the real deal” to place a wager in a sportsbook, doing so from a mobile phone eliminates the need for certain traditional elements associated with sports betting. For example, you no longer need to visit a sportsbook to place a bet or check your winnings. With the advent of mobile betting, and especially with the growing prevalence of internet-capable cellular devices, these elements are quickly becoming relics of the past.

In addition to mobile betting and internet betting, another area of massive transformation involves online casinos. Thanks to the growing popularity of esports, the ability to play casino games via an online connection is quickly becoming available to everyone. This is a massive shift from the days when playing live casino games solely relied on being present at a physical casino. This is especially true for American players, who up until recently had limited access to high-quality online casinos that provided the all the necessary tools for the game. Now that so many different platforms allow users to play mobile casino games, it’s never been easier for U.S. players to enjoy the benefits of an online casino.

The future of betting is exciting, and it’s likely that the traditional sportsbook will continue to see a decrease in importance as more people turn to online gambling and casino games. This shift is already underway, and the future looks extremely positive for online gamblers. Whether you like to bet on professional sports teams, tournaments, or individual players, you’re bound to find a place that allows you to place your bets. We hope this article will help you navigate the ever-changing world of online betting and casino games, and help you have fun whether you’re on vacation or at home.