What Is the Virginia Tech vs Virginia Game Line?

The lines for the Virginia Tech vs Virginia football game on 12/29/2020 have been released. The game will be played at Virginia Stadium in Blacksburg, Virginia and will be televised on Fox Sports 1. Based on the current lines, this game is a pick ’em. However, based on the recent trends, the game could easily end up being a Vegas home game for Virginia. Here’s what you should know about the betting lines for this matchup.

Current Point Spread

The current point spread for the game is -1.5 points underdogs. That means if you pay odds of 1.5, you will win $100. If you place a $100 wager, you will earn $150 – $100 = $50 profit. You would only lose $50 if Virginia wins by more than 21 points. The current over/under is set at 47 points. You can bet on either side, but the over is slightly favored at this time.

Teams Are About Even

The betting public is split on the matchup between Virginia Tech and Virginia. Forty-two percent of bets are placed on the underdog Tech, and 47% are on the favorite Virginia. The remaining 11% are on the over. The line is close – within 3 points – so there’s a good chance this game could go either way. If you’re searching for a game that fits the bill of being a pick ’em, this is one of the prettiest you’ll find. The key is to make the right choice, and we think you’ll agree that it’s almost too easy selecting the right outcome with these two teams.

Why Do People Consider The Underdog Tech Advantage?

People want to bet on the underdog, and it’s one of the simplest things to understand why. The general public knows little about the opponent, so it’s easy to assume that something bad will happen. However, most underdogs turn out to be very good teams, and even though Virginia Tech is an underdog in this game, we think it will be a good challenge for the Panthers.

Furthermore, we like the fact that this game will be played in a neutral location. It will not be played in Hurricane Dorien, or somewhere in between. Instead, it will be played in a location that favors neither team. There’s a reason why neutral sites are popular for NFL games these days – they want to avoid any bad blood between the teams, and keep the focus on the football. This will also be a good test for Virginia Tech defense, which played very well in the preseason but struggled mightily in the first three games of the season. The fact that this game will not be played in Lane Stadium should also make it more interesting. The atmosphere and the setting of the game should make it more intense for Panthers fans and even those who are in the stands. There will certainly be plenty to talk about after the game as well, as this is sure to be a classic rivalry.

What About The Underdog Virginia Advantage?

There’s also a case to be made for backing the underdog in this one. Like most year-round industries, the gambling industry sees the summer as a time when people want to flounder, and layoff workers want to spend more time with their families. There’s less money to be made in sports betting, which is why the summer months are often times a slow time for the bookmakers. It’s only natural that people will often bet on teams they don’t know much about – they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The advantage of backing the underdog is that they have a better chance of winning, and that’s usually the kind of result people want to bet on in the summertime.

Both teams are in the same situation going into the game. They need a win to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, and they both have something to lose if the other team wins. It’s almost easier to back the underdog in this one, as there’s less room for error if they do lose.

We think the underdogs have the advantage in this one. The reason behind this is that we think the underdog will be more desperate to win, which makes them more likely to throw a mistake or two. This in turn makes the chance of a pick ’em a little higher than usual. If you’re searching for something easy to understand, then this is the perfect choice. It’s close enough that you won’t make a massive error if you do choose the underdog, and it has enough intrigue that you’ll keep an eye on the action even when you don’t want to.

Of course, if you choose the other team, you will lose your $100, but at least you’ll feel like you had some fun while you were there.