What Is the Betting Line on LSU vs Georgia Football?

You may have heard of the American football rivalry between LSU and Georgia. The two schools play each other annually, and the winner is declared the Southeastern Conference (SEC) champion! Although the rivalry between LSU and Georgia is fierce, it is always kept within the boundaries of fair play. There is nothing “rough” about these games. It is always a battle of who is the better team, and both schools’ fans attend the games excitedly every year. The betting line between the two schools is always easy to find and very rarely does either team win by more than a touchdown. Here’s a closer look at what is the betting line between LSU and Georgia football.

Series History

The two schools first played against each other in 1894. Since that time, they have played annually, with the exception of 1918 and 1941. Since the mid-1990s, LSU and Georgia have been meeting frequently in the National Football League (NFL), playing each other several times every year. The overall series record is lopsided in favor of LSU. They have won 83 of the 105 meetings, with the most recent one taking place in 2018.

Recent Results

LSU and Georgia last met in 2013, and the game was close until the very end. Georgia pulled the upset, winning 13-12. This was the first time since 1893 that LSU did not win a regular season game against the rival school. It was also the first time since the mid-1950s that a team other than LSU won a conference title when LSU had previously held the conference. Since then, LSU has not been able to repeat as conference champion.

In 2011, the two schools faced off in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia won 20-13, but the game was close for the majority of the four-hour contest. The margin of victory was only seven points, which means a touchdown or less would have been scored in the entire game. Since then, the two schools have not met in the SEC Championship Game or in the playoffs.

In 2018, LSU traveled to Athens, Georgia, for the 2019 game. Much like previous years, it was a close game, with both teams going into the fourth quarter with the score still being tied 10-10. In the fourth quarter, both coaches agreed to call a time-out and agreed to a field-goal attempt. LSU kicker Joe Greene hit the go-ahead 31-yard field goal as time expired, and the Tigers won the game 13-10.

It’s safe to say that the rivalry between LSU and Georgia is one of the fiercest in all of sports. The two have been meeting regularly since the mid-1990s, with the next game taking place on September 12, 2019.