How to Bet on the Titans Today – What’s the Point of a Line Betting?

The last time the New England Patriots were ranked number one in the nation was during the Brady era. Since Bill Belichick took over as head coach in 2000, they haven’t been able to stay at the top of their game, and now, they’re fighting for respect. Betting on the Patriots is a nightmare, as they’re always a sure thing. In other sports, you might have a chance at surprising your friends with a wager or two. When it comes to betting on the Patriots, though, you’re usually better off just sitting on the fence.

If you’re looking for a team to bet on, you have some really good options. The Tennessee Titans are currently ranked number two in the nation, and with their win over the Houston Texans, they’ve notched six straight wins. This year, they face a brutal schedule, as they have to play the undefeated Los Angeles Rams, the Carolina Panthers and the Cincinnati Bengals in addition to going up against the Patriots. The game against the Bengals is one of the most intriguing matchups of the 2019 season, as the two teams are currently even in the standings. The line opened with the Titans at +3 and the over/under at 43 points. That means if you think there will be more than 43 points scored in the game, you’ll win, and if you think there will be less than 43 points, then you’ll lose. Just imagine how that would feel like – if you’re a fan of either team or want to test your football knowledge.

How to Bet on the Titans

Since the season is long and difficult, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. One way to make sure you stay on top of things is to look into betting on the Titans. The handicappers at Bovada have published a betting guide that will help you understand what is likely to happen this year and how to bet on the Titans to make the most out of it.

To get you started, here’s what you need to know about betting on the New England Patriots and why it’s not the best idea.

The Patriots Are A Sure Thing

To begin with, the Patriots are almost always sure things. They are very well-known for being a sure thing for NFL bettors. Most often, if there’s no other team in the picture, you can be confident that you’re going to profit from a New England Patriots bet. Even in head-to-head battles, as in the game versus the Titans this past Sunday, New England is still a 4.5 point favorite, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when taking a look at the full line.

Over the years, people have gotten wise to this fact and know not to put all of their eggs in one basket when it comes to sports betting. Even seasoned gamblers wouldn’t suggest trying to beat the odds with the Patriots, as most likely, you’ll end up losing your money. If you’re looking for an upset, you’d be better off backing a different team.

The Underdog Story

Another thing you need to know about betting on the Titans is that it’s typically the underdogs that come through in the clutch. They are the team you need to back if you want to beat the odds, as they have a tendency to come from behind and win big games. Look at the 2019 NFL season so far for proof. To begin with, the New York Giants are currently ranked number three in the nation, but if you look at their season to date, you’ll notice they’ve only won one game. That’s because they’ve only scored 13 points in each game, while their opponents have given them 44 points. Just when it seemed like New York was going to pull off an upset, the Titans came through with a 41-14 thrashing, showing just how good they are this year.

Along similar lines, the Tennessee Titans are currently number two in the nation, but if you check out their season so far, you’ll notice they’ve won six games by a combined total of 143 points, while their opponents have scored a total of 336 points. Much like the Giants, the Titans are also getting a lot of points from their opponents, but their wins have added up big for a team that really wasn’t that good a year ago. If you want to bet on a team that’s going to come from behind and win, you’d be wise to back the Titans.

The Psychology Of Certainty

As mentioned, the psychology of certainty plays a role in why the New England Patriots are such a popular choice for NFL bettors. When you have a team that you feel is going to win, it’s very difficult to back another one. The saying “chicken or the egg” comes to mind. Do you want to bet on a team that might not perform well because they’re not sure of winning or do you want to back a team that you feel sure will do well? If you want to make money off football, you can’t go wrong betting on the Patriots.

Why You Should Think Twice About Betting On The Rams

Although the New England Patriots are a sure thing, it’s not the same when it comes to the Los Angeles Rams. Since this year is the team’s tenth year under head coach Lindsey Wilson, who replaced the legendary Bill Belichick, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose your money if you bet on the Rams. When Wilson took over, the Rams had only won one game in the previous nine seasons, and they’ve already lost three games this year. Much like the Patriots, the Rams can score a lot of points, but unlike the Patriots, their victories have come in very low-scoring slugfests. Despite the lopsided scores, it’s probably still worth betting on the Rams because they play in the NFC West, which is currently the best division in football. If you want to beat the odds, you’d better take a pass on the Rams.

Other Popular Teams To Bet On

Besides the Titans and the Rams, there are several other popular teams to bet on this year. The Minnesota Vikings are currently ranked eighth in the nation and are one of the more successful underdog teams in recent years. In fact, they went from last to first in the NFC North in the span of a couple of years. Much like the Rams, the Minnesota Vikings have been inconsistent, as they won only one game last year by a combined total of 31 points. This year, though, they’re off to a 6-0 start and are very much in the hunt for a division title. Minnesota hasn’t lost a game by more than a field goal since week two last season, so if you want to take a shot at a big upset, you could do worse than bet on the Vikings.

Another team that’s been on the rise in recent years is the San Francisco 49ers. Under head coach Kyle Shanahan, who was formerly the quarterback’s coach for the Atlanta Falcons, the 49ers have jumped out to an early 7-0 start. Much like the Rams, the 49ers play in one of the better divisions, with the San Diego Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams fighting it out for supremacy. While the Chargers are the defending Super Bowl champions, the Rams haven’t been able to duplicate their glory days since 2016 and are currently searching for their first win of the season. If you’re looking for a team that’s going to struggle this year but could provide some good value later, you could do worse than bet on the 49ers.

The Case For Undecided Bets

Although the New England Patriots are an obvious choice for NFL bettors, there are still cases where people choose to back a team they’re not completely sure about. This could be because they want to test their luck or they think there’s something fishy going on with one of the sure-thing teams. In these cases, you need to use your best judgement and decide whether to risk it or not. If you don’t want to risk it, it’s best to leave the team alone since you know it’s not going to end well. The good thing about backing a team you’re not sure about is that if they do happen to win, it’s a good payout and something to tell your friends, but if they lose, then you don’t lose either. If you choose to take on the bet, then it’s a matter of time before the other team comes back to bite you. When that happens, it’ll be your own fault for not doing your homework beforehand and not having an open mind.