What is Betting on the Dark Side?

There is no question that the world of esports is booming. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s predicted to hit $15 billion by next year.

Esports are big business and they’re also a massive global pastime. While the games themselves can be highly competitive, esports fans engage with the games in a different way. Gamers don’t just play the games, they also analyse them, follow them and bet on them.

Why Bet on Esports

The industry is still relatively small and there is plenty of room for growth. New platforms like TikTok, which launched an esports section in 2018, are attracting younger audiences and helping to grow the market. Many esports fans are also viewing the games as a form of competitive entertainment rather than simply a way to pass the time. This is helping to grow the fan base and encourage people to root for their favourite teams and players.

As well as the mainstream audience, esports attract big name brands. Companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook are dipping their toes in the water, investing in teams and leagues with the ultimate goal of gaining brand loyalty and driving revenue growth. The potential profits are huge, especially as many esports fans are also regular viewers of mainstream games and platforms.

Types of Betting

There are a number of different ways to bet on esports. You have your traditional bookies, which are still the most popular way to bet in Australia. But you have also the likes of Ladbrokes, which operate online sportsbooks and Unibet, which is a betting company specialising in esports.

These platforms give you the opportunity to bet on any sport or game, regardless of where it is located. So if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a punt on the next international football match or the next golf tournament. Or if you’re feeling particularly bold, you can place a bet on which horse will win the next horse race.

This is huge market and one that mainstream bookies aren’t taking lightly. As well as offering lucrative betting odds, these companies also give you the opportunity to become more involved in the esports scene. You can bet on the outcomes of games as they’re happening, placing bets on who will win and predicting score lines. This is a great way to follow esports closely without having to go through the motions of simply betting on teams and players.

The esports industry is fiercely competitive, which means that anything can happen at any time. This unpredictability is what makes watching and betting on esports so exciting. No wonder why so many people are getting involved.