How to Bet the Money Line – 5 Tips for Beginners

Most people are familiar with the popular sports betting markets, such as Over/Under on the outcome of a sporting match or the Hot/Cold accumulator bet on the temperatures at the end of a tennis match. However, there is more than one type of betting option offered online, and many sports fans and fans of other popular games may not be familiar with these alternative markets. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some of the lesser-known betting markets and give you some guidance on how to place bets on them.

The Money Line

The money line is one of the most popular options among sports bettors and is the default bet for many newbies. Essentially, you are backing a particular team or player to win a particular match. In some cases, your money will be at risk. For instance, if you wager on Cleveland to win the Super Bowl this year, then you are effectively wagering that the San Francisco 49ers will not cover the spread. If they don’t cover the spread then you lose your money, but if they do then you won’t lose because you will win whatever amount is bet on the underdogs. In most cases, the money line is simply a long shot bet, but it can also be a great source of value if the sports book offers good odds and you are able to pick your poison correctly.

Point-Spread Bet

The point-spread bet is a bit like the money line bet, but instead of backing a team or player to win a match, you are wagering on the difference in points between two teams. For example, if you think that the Los Angeles Lakers will beat the New Orleans Pelicans by 12 points, then you will place a $100 bet on the Lakers, knowing that you will win $112 if they do in fact win by that margin. The downside to this option is that if your pick loses then you will lose your entire $100 bet, whereas with the money line you would win or lose the amount bet on each team.


The over/under is a bet that involves placing a wager on whether a particular team will score more or less than the assumed point total for the match. For example, if you assume that the Boston Celtics will win this year’s NBA Championship then you might bet on them to win the title by a score of 76 points or more. The over/under bet can be a great alternative to the point-spread because if the over/under is called then your team has to either score the amount of points you bet on or lose. In most cases, this means that you will get your money back, with some places giving you an incentive to keep betting. The downside to the over/under bet is that if you make a mistake and pick the wrong winner then you won’t know it until the end when your money is at risk. You also won’t know the odds of your selection until the end when the outcome is determined. Finally, since this is a wager on which scores more points will be scored, then you can’t really know how the game will end up unless you watch the whole thing.

Accumulator Bet

The accumulator bet is a bit like the over/under bet, but instead of picking a winner you are accumulating a wager on multiple teams or players. To take the above example, suppose you think that the New Orleans Pelicans will beat the Los Angeles Lakers, and the San Francisco 49ers will beat the Cleveland Browns. If both those teams happen to cover the spread then your total bet will be worth $200. The accumulator bet can be hugely beneficial for big winners because you get the bonus of adding more and more teams to your wager as long as all of them continue to cover the spread. The downside to the accumulator bet is that if any of your picks lose then you will lose your entire investment. Even if all of them cover the spread, you will still lose your money because the odds are always against you in that scenario.

With some basic understanding of the different types of sports betting, you are more likely to be successful in the long run when making wagers on a game you are passionate about instead of what is simply the most profitable option at the moment. The key is to have fun but also make money when possible. If you are new to sports betting then you should follow the advice of experienced bettors and do your research before placing any wagers. You should also look towards professional sports books that offer a good betting experience and fair odds for all involved.