What Is a Weapon You Can Use on CS:GO Betting?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most popular games on Steam. It is available for both PC and Mac and is highly optimised for online play.

This game has long been hailed as a master race of shooting games and has even featured heavily in several film and television shows.

However, despite its cinematic allure, the game actually has a fairly simple premise: you are a terrorist and you have to eliminate the opposition through a combination of headshots and well-placed explosives.

Though this game has been around for over a decade, the competitive scene around it has largely remained the same. Professional gamers will tell you that finding the right gear is one of the most important factors in winning matches. This is due in part to the fact that the game’s creator, Valve, regularly releases updated equipment and game configurations.

However, this aspect of the game is becoming less and less relevant as players explore the weapons available to them and discover ingenious ways to edge out their competition. In this article, we will list some of the most useful and creative weapons that you can use in order to secure victory in the game.

Stun Gun

One of the earliest additions to the game, and one of the most useful, is the stun gun. This is an electrical weapon that can temporarily knock out an enemy opponent. It is especially effective against players wearing heavy armour, such as battle royal robes or chainmail.

The stun gun is a great alternative to using a knife or bullets to eliminate your opponents. It is a non-lethal option, which means you can use it without worries of being arrested or killed. In addition, this weapon is effective against both humanoid targets and animals, which makes it ideal for use in hostage situations or for dispatching rogue animals that have been threatening civilians.

Flame Thrower

The flame thrower is a great alternative to the machine gun. It can be used to spray fire, which not only disables your target, but also burns them upon contact. This makes it ideal for use at close range, preventing the enemy from escaping your grasp.

The flame thrower is also quite the conversation starter as soon as you pull the trigger. This is due to the fact that it emits a loud hissing sound that can carry great distances and draw plenty of attention to yourself. Though it can be used to set fire to vehicles and structures, it is most effective when used in close proximity to your target.

Gauss Rifle

The Gauss rifle is a bolt action rifle designed by a German engineer named Hermann Gauss. It is modelled after the real thing and the feel and sound of its shots are extremely realistic. This makes it one of the most popular sniper rifles on the market. The only downside is the fact that it is fairly heavy, so it is not the most portable of weapons. In addition, the bolt mechanism can get pretty complicated, so a lot of time can go into fixing it when it jams.

Though the Gauss rifle is only effective at a distance of about 200 metres, its 200 metre zero-is-zero accuracy and ability to pierce through almost any type of armour make it a popular choice for professional snipers. Due to its sheer effectiveness and portability, this weapon may find its way into your inventory sooner or later.

Plasma Rifle

Another popular choice for sniping positions is the plasma rifle, due to its ability to quickly devastate large areas of an enemy base. These weapons are usually associated with science fiction films and TV shows, but the truth is that they are extremely effective and versatile.

Plasma rifles can fire both regular bullets and high-velocity plasma beams. The beams are more potent and can slice through practically any type of obstacle, flesh, or metal. They are also heat-seeking, which allows you to shoot at your target even if they are not in direct sight. In addition, the weapon’s great accuracy makes it the perfect choice for spraying down large groups of enemies.

The downside to the plasma rifle is that it needs a continuous power supply in order to work, which is not easily found in remote areas. This means that it is less portable than the Gauss rifle and the power supply can be cumbersome to transport. In addition, due to their size and weight, these weapons are usually restricted to use by larger groups or individuals.

Heavy Machine Gun

A heavy machine gun is another great choice for a sniper. They usually handle great distances and larger targets quite well and have the added advantage of being able to shred through almost any type of armour. This gives them more versatility than most other weapons. In addition, the sound and vibrations of a heavy machine gun are enough to unnerve the bravest of opponents.

The downside to the heavy machine gun is that it is quite loud, so it will attract the attention of both enemies and friendly forces, which can make it more vulnerable to attack. In addition, since they are quite heavy and can only be fired a few times each, it is quite a limited resource and you will soon find yourself running out of ammunition.

Rocket Launcher

A rocket launcher is great for knocking down buildings and vehicles and for setting fire to everything in its path. As the name would suggest, a rocket launcher is built around the principle of rockets, which are usually used in combination with a large amount of explosives. When launched, the rockets will seek out their target and explode, wreaking havoc and sending shrapnel flying in all directions. This makes it the perfect vehicle-based anti-personnel weapon.

The downside to the rocket launcher is that, due to the combination of explosives and rockets, it is extremely unstable. This makes it quite a dangerous weapon to handle and use, even more so when compared to other similar weapons such as a machine gun or a hand grenade launcher.


A mortar is a combination of a battle rifle and a heavy machine gun. The term mortar originates from the device’s original purpose, which was to fire missiles at point-blank range. Though it was originally designed to be operated by one person, it is now increasingly more common to see teams using them as a primary weapon due to the increasing spread of the target and due to the fact that its trajectory can be altered with a skilled touch. This makes it perfect for hitting distant and hidden enemies, such as those lurking behind cover.

The downside to the mortar is that, due to its shape, it is quite a cumbersome weapon to transport and store. This makes it a less ideal choice for discreet operators or individuals operating in small groups.

Grenade Launcher

A grenade launcher is, in essence, a pistol that fires small grenades. The blast radius of these devices is quite large and they can easily be used to punch through most brick walls and clear obstacles in your path. The main use for these devastating devices is, as the name suggests, for throwing. However, skilled users have found other ways to put them to good use. They can be used to stun or kill your target, to break down doorways, or to create a diversion while escaping in a different direction.

The downside to the grenade launcher is that it is quite inaccurate, which makes it highly dependent on the skill of its user. This makes it a less ideal choice for beginners or those operating in a more tactical capacity.

Ballistic Knife

A ballistic knife is a great choice for close-quarter combat, due to its ability to slice through almost any material. These weapons usually have a single, sharp blade and are used by special forces units worldwide, due to their effectiveness in both hands. The downside to the ballistic knife is that it is quite noisy, which makes it easier for the enemy to hear. In addition, these knives are quite complex to manufacture and keep track of, which makes them quite a limited resource. In practical terms, this means that you will need to be extra careful not to overuse it in order to avoid running out of projectiles.