What is Handicap Betting in the NBA?

Many people love sports and betting. To take advantage of this, some booksies (commission-free bets) in the UK allow you to bet on any sporting event, including the NBA. The idea is to gain an advantage by predicting the future results of a game. There’s also a version of this called “handicap” betting where you place a “handicap” on a player. This is done by finding a line-ball shooter (usually a 3-point specialist) and backing him or her to score more than the opposing team’s best player.

Let’s take a quick look at how this works.

Basics of Handicap Betting

When you place a handicap on a basketball player, you are essentially placing a limit on how many points he or she can score. The main objectives are to create a statistical advantage for yourself and to make winning money. The general principle behind handicap betting is to allow less-skilled players a chance at winning, but also to keep things interesting for casual sports fans. For example, you might want to bet on the Milwaukee Bucks to win since they are usually pretty poor compared to the talent level of their opponents.

Types of Handicap

There are generally two types of handicap bets: Money Line (or Pure Money Line) and Half-Money Line. The first and most popular type is the Pure Money Line bet where you must wager either $1 or $2 on either side of the wager. The second type is the Half-Money Line where you need to wager half as much as the first type ($1 or $2). This type of bet allows you to spread your money more thinly. For instance, you might want to lay $2 on the Dallas Mavericks (MDA) to win since they are a close-to-even betting team. If they lose, you would only lose $1 on that particular game.

How to Determine the Correct Lines for Each Version of Handicap

The important thing to remember here is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to handicap betting. You just have to do what feels right to you and analyze your results afterward. You should also make sure you are not letting your emotions get the best of you and that you are acting rationally. If you follow these basic guidelines, you should find that handicap betting is a viable option for you.