What is Individual Round Betting?

Individual round betting (IRB) is the practice of placing a wager on the outcome of one specific sports match without having to commit to a complete lineup or to bets on multiple games. The bettor is free to focus on exactly one game and to select his or her own sides (i.e., the teams he or she supports) without risking financial loss due to a poor performance by one of the teams selected.

While many bookmakers offer fixed odds betting where the same odds are offered for all wagers, IRB allows the individual bettor to choose his or her own odds and to place custom-made bets that give more or less value than the fixed odds offered by the bookmaker, depending on the outcome of the single game.

Some people prefer the security of fixed odds, but many sports bettors value the advantage of being able to choose their own odds and therefore potentially hit on a winning streak. The ability to take a custom-made bet on any sporting event is one of the main attractions of the system for many sports fans. Additionally, many bookmakers do not offer in-play betting for individual round bets, so when the bettor’s chosen side scores, he or she must wait until the game ends before cashing out.

How Does It Work?

The process of placing an individual round bet is fairly simple. First, the bettor selects the game and the half time score that he or she wishes to wager on. Next, the bettor chooses how much he or she is willing to wager per selection. Finally, the bettor clicks the “Bet Now” button to submit the order.

The betting system will then check if any other customers have placed similar bets on the same game. If so, it will present the bettor with the option to adjust the odds or to cancel the bet. In the event of a cancelation, the bettor’s original wager will be refunded.

Depending on the type of match being bet on, additional options may be presented to the user. For example, if the game is between two football teams, the following options might be presented:

  • A line is drawn between the two teams, with each having a red and white stripe. If a team scores a goal, the team’s stripes change to green and the other remains red.
  • The two teams wear different colored jerseys with numbers on the front. If a player from team one scores a goal, his or her jersey will change colors from white to red.
  • The ball is replaced by a penguin at the start of each half. The same goal applies as for the other options.

When the bettor clicks on the “Bet Now” button, the money is immediately transferred to the website’s own sportsbook, where it is available for use in other bets or for placing additional bets on the same game. Because bookmakers frequently change the odds of a game after it has started, it is essential that the user checks the site’s status before the start of the game so that he or she does not lose money due to improperly adjusted odds.

Advantages Of Using This Service

As an individual round bettor, you have the advantage of choosing the game, the half time score, and the amount of wager per selection. This gives you full control over the outcome of the bet. Additionally, many sites offer in-play betting for IRB selections, so when your chosen team scores, you can take partial or full profits without the fear of losing money on a single hand.

Some people prefer to place bets on multiple games at once to increase their odds of winning, but this is extremely risky and is therefore not advisable. The possibility of losing money on several wagers simultaneously is always a concern, particularly if one of the games ends in a losing result. Placing multiple, or “straddling,” bets is something that you should avoid unless you are confident that all of the games will end in profitable winnings for the individual bettor.

Disadvantages Of Using This Service

The major drawback to using this type of service is that it is extremely easy for a user to lose money due to simple mistakes. For example, if the user picks the wrong game or the scores are incorrect at the start of the game, he or she will have no idea if the losses are due to a bad streak or a simple mistake.

Also, because of the nature of the bet, if the user’s team loses, he or she will automatically lose the entire wager, even if the loss is not his or her fault. This is one of the reasons why it is not recommended that you use this service if you are new at it or if the teams you support are not professional sports franchises.

Individual round betting is a fairly new development in the sports betting world, but many people have found it to be a very rewarding experience. The customizability of the system and the simplicity of placing a profitable wager on a single game are the main draws of the service for many sports fans. Additionally, the ability to take a profit instantly if your chosen team scores is appealing to those who want to try their hand at sports betting but who are worried about risking financial loss if the results of their bets do not go their way.