What Is Match Handicaps in Betting?

The concept of match handicaps is pretty self-explanatory: It is a method of handicapping or making favourable odds for a sporting event where the participants’ skills are more or less equal. Match handicaps are usually implemented as part of a larger wager. For example, one might lay down a few hundred dollars to make sure that their favourite player wins the Grand Slam tournament. The theory is that even odds make for more interesting games, and the more one is invested in a given outcome, the more exciting the game becomes. This is in stark contrast to the usual practice of tilting one’s odds in one’s favour through the use of money management tools like spread betting or CFDs. While this may be effective at guaranteeing an outcome, it robs the experience of the game of its novelty and excitement.

Types Of Matches

There are several different types of matches where one might implement a match handicap strategy. The most popular ones are football, tennis, and boxing matches. One of the most interesting aspects of match handicaps is that they can be used to bet on a gamblers’ favourite sport, or on one that they are uninterested in. The theory being that if they bet on a sport that they dislike, the chances of them picking a winning team or player are lowered.

Using Match Handicaps In Spread Betting

One of the most interesting things about match handicaps is that they can be used in combination with other betting methods. This can be extremely effective, as it means that one does not have to be confined to one betting methodology. One can use the strategy for football but switch to tennis for the Grand Slam event, or vice versa. One simply has to determine which sport they want to focus on for the particular bet. The same concept can be applied to a single player: one might bet on Tiger Woods for the PGA tournament, or on Roger Federer for the Australian Open.

When combining match handicaps with spread betting, it is important to note that the two strategies are not necessarily mutually exclusive. One can use match handicaps with any betting tool, but they must be implemented with the right hand. The reason for this is that one needs to be selecting which outcome to bet on, and that is often more easily done by focusing on the handicap strategy. Indeed, one can use the handicap bet as a sort of filter, choosing only the contests that they like the most from among the available options.

Why Should One Use Match Handicaps In Their Bets?

The most effective and popular application of match handicaps is in sports betting. The odds are made more favourable for one participant or team because of the skill disparity between them. This is in contrast to casino games where the house edge tends to even out the odds. Match betting is a fantastic example of a sport where one would use handicaps, as the skills of the athletes are more or less equal. It is also one of the more popular forms of sports betting, so there is plenty of opportunity to apply the strategy.

How Effective Is Match Handicaps In Practice?

To truly understand how effective match handicaps are, one has to look no further than the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. Two of the most popular events were the men’s football (soccer) tournament and the men’s tennis tournament. People who followed these sports on Australian television were able to witness first-hand how effectively this strategy works. It was clear that the competitors were handicapped according to the rules, and the games were filled with twists and turns. One of the most memorable matches of those games was the semi-final between Colombia and Peru. The match was decided by a penalty shootout, and it was extremely entertaining to watch.

What also made the 2016 Summer Olympics so interesting was that several of the top-level athletes who competed in these sports went on to win gold. They included:

  • Jade Jones: Aussie swimmer who won four gold medals, including a medal in the 100-metres breaststroke
  • Jermaine Jones: Aussie rugby player who won a gold medal in the men’s rugby sevens
  • Neville Crotty: Australian snowsport athlete who won three gold medals, including one in giant slalom and two in freeride
  • Wesley Hills: Aussie road cyclist who won four gold medals including three in time trial
  • Nick Winmar: Aussie speed skater who won three gold medals including multiple victories in the 10000 metres
  • Adam Minoprio: Aussie diver who won three gold medals

The fact that these athletes went on to win multiple gold medals is a testament to the power of match handicaps. It is also a great example of how effective the strategy can be when applied to the right events and athletes. Had these athletes competed in normal circumstances, one would probably not have got such good odds on most of their matches.

The key to utilising match handicaps effectively is to look for the right events and the right athletes. One must find a way to determine whether or not their chosen participant has an edge over their opposition. If so, they can expect to see some great matches. One must also factor in the fact that even matches are more exciting than they are because of the handicap strategy, which is why casinos and sportsbooks sometimes consider them to be a form of entertainment in themselves.

Where Can I Learn More About Match Handicaps?

If you are a sports fan and you want to learn more about match handicaps, then all you need to do is look for an online casino that offers in-house betting. Chances are, they will have an education section that covers the basics of handicapping and how to apply it in practice. One should also check out their customer service, as it serves as a good indicator of how effective their support team is. One should not be discouraged from trying a new betting site if their customer service is bad, as one can always leave and try another. Just make sure that you do your research before committing. If they have an education section, so much the better. It saves a lot of time and effort. Many sportsbooks and online casinos try to hide the mechanics of betting and instead rely on confusing jargon and big numbers to make the game seem more complicated than it is. Educating yourself on the subject will make you a better, more effective and knowledgeable user of your sportsbook. Remember: betting is just a game, and as long as one plays by the rules, one should have fun.