What is Moneyline in Tennis Betting?

Definition of Moneyline

Moneyline, in tennis betting, is the popular betting term used when the betting markets are set up in such a way that one team is a guaranteed winner. This is in contrast to moneyline betting in other sports where there is always a chance of the losing team getting paid out. In tennis, a team must win the game in order to win the set, and therefore the match. As a result, the betting markets are set up in a way that guarantees a profit to the punter. This is probably the most popular type of betting in tennis due to the fact that there is always a guaranteed winner.

History of Moneyline

The concept of moneyline betting in tennis goes back as far as the 1990s when a Dutch company named Pariplay came up with the idea of using statistical analysis to set up markets where a team can be predicted to win with some degree of confidence.

Initially, the company set up markets for the French Open and the Australian Open, with some markets having numerous matches a day. People could bet on the outcome of individual matches or sets of matches, with the latter being known as set betting. They also created markets for best of five sets, which is where the term ‘moneyline’ comes from. Best of five sets is still used today, with the number of sets increasing or decreasing depending on the number of matches left in the tournament.

How to Calculate Moneyline

The calculation for moneyline is very simple. You take the total amount wagered on the winning team and add it to the total amount wagered on the losing team. The result is the total amount of money earned or lost on the day. For example, if Barcelona were playing against Real Madrid and both teams had a total of $100 on the match, then the moneyline for that day’s match would be:

  • Barcelona to win
  • +$100
  • Real Madrid to win
  • –$100

In the above example, the bettor would win $200 since he or she bet on Barcelona to win and Madrid to lose. If you had placed the exact opposite bet (i.e. Madrid to win and Barcelona to lose) then you would have lost your $200 since Madrids won by a large margin (3-0).

Use of Moneyline

Moneyline betting has become so popular that not only is it used in tennis but other sports as well. Professional tennis players even use it before big matches to help them focus and prepare better.

The general consensus in sports betting circles is that moneyline betting is a great tool for both long-term and short-term planning. People use it to analyze their previous betting performances as well as project their upcoming bets. In addition, people who use moneyline betting in tennis gain an edge over the competition due to the nature of the game itself. Since winners generally get paid and losers generally lose, it is in the financial interests of the people using the tool to predict the winner as accurately as possible.