What Is NFL Spread Betting?

NFL Spread Betting is the act of betting on the NFL season using pointspreads as bets, rather than a straight bet on one side or the other. Pointspreads are lines of numerical value that a sports book will lay on a selection of games simultaneously, with pointspreads on many different games available throughout the year. While many sports books only offer pointspreads on NFL games, many others will offer lines on other professional sports like the NBA, as well as the occasional college football or college basketball game.

Why Would I Want To Do That?

If you’re new to the subject of betting or if sports betting has always been a bit of a mystery to you, NFL Spread Betting may be the ideal way to learn. As the name implies, NFL Spread Betting gives you the opportunity to spread your bets on different games simultaneously, rather than placing a single bet on one game as is more typically done. As a result, your effective betting percentage will be higher than it would be if you followed the standard rules of placing a bet on one game. While this certainly isn’t always the case – it largely depends on the spread and the total – the overall concept is one of increased opportunity and flexibility, which is certainly appealing to a curious mind.

How Does It Work?

With most types of bets, you are given the option of placing either a win or loss condition on the wager. With NFL Spread Betting, you are given the option of having both a win and loss condition on the same wager. As a result, most likely the result of a game will have a direct impact on your effective betting percentage – either it will be +EV or –EV, thus making the overall wager worth more or less than it would be otherwise. This is one of the appealing aspects of NFL Spread Betting: the opportunity to gain – or lose – based on the actual results of the game rather than the mere fact that you made the wager in the first place. It’s also important to note that NFL Spread Betting is legal in all states where sports betting is legal.

How Do I Place A Wager On An NFL Game?

The first step in placing a wager on an NFL game is to determine whether you will be placing a win or loss condition on your wager. The second step is to determine which team you will be backing. If you picked a game that was close, you may want to consider taking an angle on the game. For example, if you thought the Indianapolis Colts would beat the New Orleans Saints this year, you might want to lay the over under – even though the Colts are currently favored by seven points.

Once you have your betting slip filled out, you must make your wager. You will typically need to input the total amount you want to wager, along with whether you are placing a win or loss condition on your wager. Once you fill out your betting slip correctly, you can place your wager – either by hitting the ‘place bet’ button or by typing in your credit card details and signing the electronic waiver that will be sent to your email address. As soon as you place your wager, your team will be alerted that a wager has been placed and they will be given the option to accept or void your wager. If they void it, you will lose the wager and the money you put in – but you won’t have to pay out either. No hassle, no fuss. It’s as easy as that!