What is No Risk Matched Betting?

If you’re a regular reader of Financy, then you’ll know that we’re big fans of matched betting. The concept combines the excitement of betting with the security of playing against the odds. It’s a perfect compromise for people who want to keep their betting preferences a secret while enjoying the thrill of a winning bet. Who wouldn’t like that?

While there’s nothing wrong with traditional betting, there are some situations where it doesn’t work for everyone. One of the most promising areas of online gambling is no-risk matched betting. What is this exciting new development in gaming and how can you get involved?

The Rise In Online Gambling

It’s fair to say that we’re living in exciting times when it comes to online gambling. Thanks to the rise of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there are now options for gamblers looking for a safe place to wager. Most notably, Satoshi Dice and Bitcoin Casino allow players to experience a safer, more reliable casino-like gameplay without the risks associated with typical gambling sites. In fact, recent statistics confirm that more and more people are choosing to gamble online due to the perceived safety and reliability of the experience.

The Promise Of No-Risk Matched Betting

At first glance, it might not seem like there’s anything special about no-risk matched betting. After all, the name suggests that the underlying risk is completely removed from the equation. Matched betting just means that your wager is matched, or goes twice as far as usual, to make up for the lack of risk. For example, if you wager £1 and the odds are 100 to 1 in favour of the bank, then you’ll win £2 with no risk attached.

While the risk of losing is still there, it tends to be minimal compared to the original stake. This is why most online casinos that offer no-risk matched betting as a game option allow players to place fairly high wagers. The ability to place large bets on any given game with no risk makes this a popular option with big spenders who want to gamble online without fear of incurring financial ruin. In short, it’s a great choice for the high-roller who wants to enjoy the thrill of a casino experience without all the hassles of gambling overseas.

How Does It Work?

To place a bet in a no-risk matched betting market, you’ll need to look for a brokerage that specialises in online gambling. Most good brokerages will have an option to enter a no-risk matched betting market, and once you’re in, all you need to do is follow the instructions to place your wager. Remember, since there’s no risk involved in this type of bet, you’ll need to put in a minimum of £10 to make any kind of withdrawable profit, and the bonus is that these accounts are 100% secure and confidential. The best part is that you can access your account from anywhere in the world and make rapid cash withdraws with the click of a button.

What’s more, since this is an option that’s built into most online casinos, you’ll find that the mechanics of placing a no-risk bet are quite intuitive. In other words, you won’t need a lot of extra training to get going. Simply walk through the motions to place your bet, and you’ll be good to go in no time. Some online casinos may even give you a little pop-up menu that lets you choose your bet type quickly and easily, without having to go through any kind of long winded explanation.

Why Should You Gamble Online?

It’s clear that with the meteoric rise of the cryptocurrency market and the subsequent popularity of the ‘blockchain effect’, people are looking for new ways to spend their money and participate in the digital economy. One particularly exciting option is gambling online. Not only do you get to indulge your wild side while enjoying the safety and convenience of modern technology, but you can also make money from it!

The popularity of online gambling is likely to continue growing as more people realise the many benefits that this exciting new world has to offer. It’s an opportunity to participate in exciting games that you might not get the chance to play otherwise, and with minimal risk, you might just get lucky and walk away with a nice chunk of change.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your favourite online casino, get started and enjoy the benefits of no risk matched betting today!