What Is Pari Mutuel Betting?

Pari Mutuel betting is a type of betting that takes place between multiple individuals, commonly known as “participants,” in a betting pool. Typically, each participant bets on the outcome of a single event, such as a football game, horse race, or even a presidential election. The pot of money that is kept in the pool at all times is then shared among the winners at the end of the event.


Pari Mutuel betting is a relatively new concept, having only recently been legalized in some parts of the world. In America, it is legal to play Pari Mutuel betting with registered, licensed individuals in casinos and racetracks. However, it is still illegal for individuals to play this type of betting in public places, like bars and restaurants, or on the Internet.

Pari Mutuel betting has only recently been embraced by people looking for a way to legally play their favorite games. Despite its relatively recent introduction to the world of sports betting, it has already gained a following and is continuing to gain popularity among both amateur and professional athletes, who see it as a way to hedge their betting odds and feel that it keeps the games more fair. With the world’s eyes set on sports betting, it is only a matter of time before Pari Mutuel betting is legal everywhere.

How Does It Work?

The objective of Pari Mutuel betting is to have a fair and honest contest between multiple participants, with the ultimate winner being determined by the sum of their wagers, rather than by some sort of random selection process. To that end, each participant, after placing their wager, chooses a side in the event (e.g., the New England Patriots or the Washington Redskins in the annual playoff matchup) and watches the event unfold, hoping for a comeback by their team.

When the event is finished, the pot of money is divided among the participants based on their betting odds. For example, a $10 bet on the New England Patriots would result in the following distribution:

  • Patriots: $10
  • Redskins: $5
  • Over/Under: $2

The reason the pot is divided in this manner is to prevent any sort of advantage from being gained by someone who knows the outcome of the event before others. This is achieved by ensuring that everyone, even those who know the betting odds, are on an equal footing when it comes to wagering.

Some casinos will also allow you to create your own pools of money and bet on the outcome of events, which is another way of playing Pari Mutuel betting.

While playing against the house may not be the most exciting way of gambling, it has its perks. For instance, you get to meet a lot of new people and, since it is a game that is based on probabilities, it allows you to learn a thing or two about math and odds, which can then be applied to other areas of your life. Plus, as a side benefit, you get to enjoy some tasty refreshments while playing.

Global Gaming & Sports Betting

The world of Global Gaming and Sports Betting is a lucrative one, generating billions of dollars in annual revenue and providing thousands of jobs worldwide. However, despite the size of this market, there are currently only a handful of established online gaming and betting sites that cater to the American market, largely due to licensing restrictions imposed by U.S. state and federal governments.

If you’re looking to get involved in this market, you’ll need to do some research before committing. For instance, the legality of online gaming and gambling in general varies from country to country, so you’ll need to check with the proper authorities in your area to ensure that you are not breaking any local laws. Aside from that, you’ll also need to make sure that the site you are considering playing on is licensed and regulated by a reputable gaming organization, such as the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, as opposed to an unlicensed or unregulated site.

Ultimately, though, the choice is completely up to you. In most cases, online gaming and betting is considered to be harmless entertainment, like reading a book or watching TV, and so long as you’re not breaking any laws, you can’t really go wrong.

The Legal Side

As mentioned, the legality of online gaming and betting varies from country to country. For instance, while it is generally legal to play online slots in America, it is still against the law to play poker or other card games. Similarly, while football betting is legal in America, it is still against the law to bet on the outcome of a baseball game. And, while you can find “casinos” in virtually every country, the legality of accepting wagers varies from one country to another. In some countries, it is completely legal for foreign nationals to wager online; in others, it is only legal for those who are physically located in the country.

In any case, if you’re looking to get involved in online gaming and/or betting, make sure to do your research before committing. Remember, the internet never forgets, and so you may end up in a situation where your actions are not in line with the law. In that case, you’ll need to do some house-hunting, as finding a legal way to settle disputes can be quite the hassle, especially if you’re looking for a way to play legally.