What is Round Ribon in Betting?

Round Ribon, sometimes referred to as ‘The Smokeless Coupon’, is a wagering option available to players making multi-leg bets on the NFL (National Football League). Simply put, the round ribon is a type of wagering coupon that can be cashed in for multiple wagering opportunities on the same game as long as the bettor covers the round cost of the coupon. The cost of the round ribon is currently 5 cents.

The Benefits Of Using Round Ribon

Round Ribon is a really useful coupon for bettors who like to wager on the NFL. The possibilities for large gains are endless as long as you know how to make the right wagers. To start, you can use multiple coupons to make additional wagers on the same game. For example, you can use a 1-cent coupon to make a 3-point wager, or a 2-cent coupon for a 5-point wager. Each additional wager of the same game only increases your potential returns. This is because the round ribon only costs 5 cents to produce and will be expired in the next game.

Another positive aspect of using Round Ribon is the fact that it is not subject to the variance that occurs with other wagering options. With other wagering options, especially those that involve choosing an outcome, your chances of winning or losing vary from game to game. However, with Round Ribon, your chances of winning or losing are much more consistent due to the fact that the cost of the coupon is constant. This is one reason why some people prefer to use Round Ribon instead of other types of wagering options.

The Risks Of Using Round Ribon

While the benefits of using Round Ribon are numerous, there are a few risks that you should be aware of before getting started. First of all, keep in mind that the round ribon only has a limited shelf life and will be expired in the next game. This means that you will not be able to use it if you miss out on the opportunity to wager on the NFL. Also, using round ribon comes with the risk of losing money if the game you are betting on ends in a tie.

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