What is Spread Betting in Basketball?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world. The sport was originally invented in England in 1875 and became immensely popular in the US during the 20th century. It’s currently the 2nd most popular sport in the NBA with 3,955,000 weekly viewers.

Unlike traditional basketball, where the object is to score more points than your opponent, spread betting lets you place wagers on the outcomes of basketball games. This provides a whole new level of excitement for basketball fans.

How Do I Bet On Basketball?

You will find many bookmakers offering basketball odds across the Internet, so it’s pretty easy to place a bet on the outcome of a sports game.

When placing a bet on basketball, you’ll usually find two options; either choose a team to win versus underdog, or choose the point spread (the amount the favored team is expected to win).

What Is The Underdog In Basketball?

An underdog, in this case, is simply a team that is expected to lose. If you back the underdog in a basketball game, you’ll be rooting for the losing team in order to win money back on your wager. Since you won’t be able to predict the winner with absolute certainty, this is what is known as a “handicap bet” in sports betting, where you have to give more money to the winner than you would have otherwise. This is because you don’t know which team will lose, so you have to make sure you’re compensated for this risk.

For instance, if you bet £100 on the underdogs to win, they will win the match £60, but you will also risk losing £40 if they lose. Your return will be £20 (60% return).

In the case of an upset victory, you will earn a massive payout but also take on more risk.

To help you handicap bets in the right way, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to place wagers on basketball games:

Study The Game Well

Just like any other sport, the outcome of a basketball game is likely to depend on how well the teams actually play. Although having the most home games or fans is usually the key factor in predicting the winner of a sports game, the performance of the teams is crucial as well. In the case of an upset victory, it might be because one team was just too good too overcome the other.

One way of reducing your risk while still enjoying the thrill of an upset victory is to study the game well before placing a bet. You can get a feel for the flow of the game and predict the outcome with some level of certainty. For example, you can check what the point spread is, or look at who is playing whom and try to determine the strength of each team. You can also monitor box scores and other objective metrics throughout the game to see how the teams are holding up.

Use The Right Bookmakers

When placing a bet on sports, it is extremely important to use the right bookmakers. This comes in the form of both a “landmark bookmaker” and a “national bookmaker”. A “landmark bookmaker” tends to have a much smaller field of bookmakers that they partner with, which in turn provides them with a better deal for their customers. A “national bookmaker” tends to have a much larger network of bookmakers, which provides them with greater liquidity and more opportunities to offer bettors.

If you are new to betting on basketball, start out with a “landmark bookmaker” and then, once you feel you’ve gotten the hang of things, move on to a “national bookmaker”. The main reason for this is that the smaller the field, the more attention that will be paid to the smaller prizes on offer. For example, if you are backing the Golden State Warriors in the NBA and someone bettors that they would win the title in 5 days, the bookmakers might not be able to give you your winnings as quickly as they could if the bet was placed with a “national bookmaker”. In both cases, the odds would still be in favor of the Golden State Warriors, but the difference is that with a “national bookmaker” you will get your money more rapidly because there are more places for you to wager your money.

Dont Underestimate The Value Of Experience

Even though we’ve just told you to start out with a “landmark” bookmaker and then branch to a “national” bookmaker, this doesn’t mean that the latter is a second choice for everyone. Sometimes, the opposite can be true and people will prefer to put their faith in a “national” bookmaker, despite the fact that they are less familiar with them. This is because the odds are usually better and the field wider with a “national” bookmaker. However, this also depends on the amount of money being wagered and the size of the field. If you want to bet an amount in the range of £100-£5000, then you will be doing well with a “national” bookmaker. In all cases, experience is valuable, but especially so when betting on sports.

Look At Past Performances

The past is often the best indicator of the future, especially in the case of sports. This is because there are usually clear patterns and statistical anomalies that can give you an idea of how a team will perform in the future. If you have placed a bet on a particular team and they have performed in accordance with your expectations, you can take this as a sign that they will continue to do so in the future. You should also consider what the opposite might be if they have performed in a way that was unexpected.

In the case of basketball, you can usually look at previous seasons and determine the general strength of each team. In addition, you can also get a feel for how players on each team will perform given their size and shape. For example, you can examine the previous seasons of the Boston Celtics and determine that they will struggle to contain bigger and more athletic players. When looking at these teams, you have to keep in mind that a lot can change about a team over the course of a single season. The talent level and health of each player can change dramatically, which in turn can impact the outcome of a game. This is why it is a good idea to look at past performances rather than just at current ones.

Know The Opponent

With most sports, it is common practice to use the “underlying stats” to determine the outcome of a game. In the case of basketball, this is usually the point spread or the Over/Under (points scored) for the game. However, depending on how well you know each team, it can be beneficial to look at other stats as well. For example, if you want to back the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, you will need to look at their previous games and determine how they are performing at the time you make your bet. In addition to this, you can also get an idea of each teams expected performance from their regular season schedule. If you want to back the Washington Wizards, then you can use the point spread, but you should also look at the points Michael Jordan had in mind when he announced that he would retire at the end of that season – 708 points in 41 games! (This was later on increased to 840 points in 44 games after missing some games due to injury.)

Aside from looking at previous performances, you can also take a look at the strength of the teams based on their past performances and how they have progressed over time. In this way, you can get an idea of the likelihood of an upset victory or defeat. You can also get a general idea of how well each team plays based on the strength of their opponents.

Use The Score As A Way Of Understanding The Game More Clearly

In most sports, there is a clear distinction between points for and against. In the case of basketball, this is usually understood to be the amount of points scored by each team. However, while this can help clear up some of the confusion, it can also create a situation where you don’t fully understand the game. For example, if you bet on the Atlanta Hawks to win the NBA championship and they end up losing by 4 points, your understanding of the game will be that points were scored in a close game with the outcome still undecided. In a case like this, you would lose even though you backed the winning team because you didn’t understand how the game actually ended.