What is SPTread Betting?

SPTread Betting is short for Sports Performance Treadmill, and it is the swiss-army knife of the spin world. We can use it for a variety of tasks including taking our fitness to the next level, losing some weight, or just getting some exercise in the comfort of our home. It is equipped with several advanced features which make it ideal for use both by advanced users and by those who want something a little simpler. Let’s take a look at some of the key features and how you can use them.

The Main Body Of The Machine

As we’ve mentioned, the SPTread is a multipurpose piece of exercise equipment. It is designed to perform a variety of functions depending on how we use it. In the main, the main body of the machine consists of a chrome-plated steel runner that is attached to a metal frame. At the back end of the main body are two large rollers that are held in place by high-quality bearings. As we move back and forth on the unit, the rollers will act as a ratchet system moving us forward at a steady pace, even when we stop pedaling. In between the rollers are two fixed metal bars preventing the unit from turning.

The Handle

At the front end of the main body is a metal rod that is connected by a nylon-braided belt to a large hand-grip. This handles of variously shaped allows users to engage their hand in a comfortable position while pedaling. The handle can be adjusted to the desired height using the built-in Allen wrench provided. In between the nylon and metal parts of the handle are two small metal bars preventing the unit from rotating during use. These two bars can be removed using a standard locknut and washer to make the handle easier to push or pull.

The Rear Panel

At the back end of the main body is a metal panel equipped with four large red LED display which show real-time stats such as the distance traveled, time, calories burned, and so on. We can also see on the panel the speed we’re currently traveling at, as well as the speed we were when we last adjusted the handle. There are also four small red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at the bottom of the panel, displaying the same information as the big ones but in a smaller format. This panel is attached to the main body by two small metal brackets and it is completely removable for cleaning or storage.

The Pedals

The pedales are two small plastic levers located at the front end of the unit which provide a more comfortable grip as we push down on them while pedaling. There are also two metal clips at the back end of the pedales which prevent them from being pulled down when we walk or stand close to the machine.

How Does It Work?

To understand the working of the SPTread, we need to take a quick look at how a standard treadmill works. Bear with us, we’ll get to the good stuff soon. As we know, a standard treadmill is generally configured with a large hand-hold at the front, a pair of runners at the back, and a pair of wheels or rollers which are driven by an electric motor. When we step on the device, the hand-hold provides a comfortable resting place for our hands as we walk or run on the treadmill. The hand-hold is also where we place our feet to start the exercise routine. The front runners are raised slightly above the back ones so that when we walk or run on them, the entire unit doesn’t become a solid wall in front of us.

The problem with most treadmills, and the reason why we developed the SPTread, is that the back part is hinged which allows it to be folded flat against the body during storage. However, when we need to use it, it has a tendency to stick out at an awkward angle making it very difficult to use. The SPTread is made with a single piece of material covering the entire front and back of the unit, and it doesn’t have the same problem as the regular treadmill where the material is stitched at the front and back ends. This keeps the whole unit flush against each other when stored, preventing it from hitting on nearby objects when pushed or pulled against them.

The motor which drives the standard treadmill is located at the back, and it is connected to the front part of the unit by a drive shaft. The whole mechanism is enclosed within a housing which prevents it from getting dirty during use. This area also contains a ventilation hole providing cool air inside the enclosure.

The SPTread is different from a standard one in a number of ways. For starters, the drive shaft is connected to the front of the unit instead of the back. The front part of the unit also has a pair of fixed metal bars at the bottom, preventing it from rotating like a standard treadmill, and it is made from a single piece of material rather than two separate parts like a standard treadmill. We’ll discuss the advantages of these elements later in the article.

Advanced Features:

  • Multi-Stroke Contraction Technology (MST): Allows the user to work at their own pace
  • Variable Work Rate Function (VAR): Changes the speed of the treadmill according to the effort level of the user
  • Cadence-Based Workout (CBW): Calculates the ideal speed for each user based on their training regimen
  • Auto-Adjusting Belt Tightening (A.A.B.T.): Adjusts the belt to fit around the user’s waist
  • Hidden Rear Storage Pockets (HRSP): Keeps items like extra workout gear, water bottles, and even an MP3 player hidden away when the unit is not in use
  • Removable Rear Panel (RRP): Allows the user to remove the panel at the back for cleaning or storage
  • Overhead Stacker Shelves (O.S.S.): Provides an additional storage area above the main deck
  • Footprint-Less Design (FLD): Minimalist approach which leaves no marks on floor when used in conjunction with a treadmill desk
  • High-Speed Data Communication (HSDC): Allows the user to wirelessly send data to a Smartphone app, or other devices for tracking workout results
  • Remote Monitoring (RMM): Enables the user to monitor the machine’s operation from a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Dual Battery System (DBS): Provides dual battery life with extra-long use between charges
  • IP67 Water-Resistant (IP67): Ensures the device can withstand incidental contact with water while still being functional

Let’s move on to the most important part of the review now…

The Smart Phone App:

The SPTread comes with a fully featured smart phone app which provides the user with all the information they might need during their workout. It can keep track of several things like the distance traveled, speed, calories burned, and even the time of day the unit was used (if you use it in the morning, the screen will come on automatically when you begin exercising). All of these stats can be seen on a simple to-read display, making it easy for the user to keep track of their progress throughout the day. The app can also be used to set alarms and timers to remind the user to take breaks during their workout or go at their own pace instead of speeding up or slowing down the whole time.

The SPTread is also Bluetooth® compatible, so we can connect and share our workouts with others through a Bluetooth®-enabled device. This function is ideal for keeping track of workouts with a trainer, a coach, or other medical professionals who may advise on our fitness levels. We can also use the BT feature to easily send our workout data to our smartphones, or other devices for storing and tracking as we exercise. This makes it easy for us to keep track of our progress throughout the day, as well as for others to stay up-to-date on our activities.