What is the Best CS:GO Betting Site?

Looking for the best place to bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top sites to legally place your wager online. Our list is designed to help you find the best betting destinations that accept USA players.

Betting On Gaming Is Legal In Most States

Most states in the United States allow online gaming, including sports betting. The good news for US citizens is that most online sportsbooks accept players from across the country. Some of the more popular sites are listed below.


Numerous awards, flawless customer service, and a stunning array of casino games (including some exclusive to Bovada) make this the go-to site for US players seeking to bet on sports or games.

The betting site itself is licensed in the U.S. by the Nevada Gaming Commission, meaning that your winnings are guaranteed and will be paid out to you in full. Bovada also has plenty of tools available to make your online betting experience as convenient as possible. For example, they offer a deposit bonus (up to $250 in free credit), a loyalty program, and a host of mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.


Betting on traditional games like craps and roulette is legal in most parts of the country. If you’re looking for a safe and secure place to place your bets, then Craps.eu is the perfect choice. The site itself is owned and operated by International Game Technology (Intergam), a world leader in casino technology. Craps.eu is licensed in the U.S. by the Nevada Gaming Commission, allowing them to accept wagers from within the state.

The truth is that no matter where you live in the country, you can legally place a wager on your favorite sporting event, game, or tournament in most states. The problem is that not all states are created equal, and offshore betting sites that accept American players can be problematic. It’s always a good idea to consult a legal expert or at least do extensive research before signing up with an offshore site.


Another option is to try out DraftKings. Like the other sports betting sites on this list, you can use DraftKings to place bets on almost any sporting event, game, or tournament. The key difference between DraftKings and the others on the list is that they do not accept wagers from US players. Instead, they are legally required to accept wagers only from residents of Canada, and even then, only certain games (like football and horse racing) are permitted. That means you can’t use DraftKings to make wagers on tennis, golf, or swimmers like Ryan Lochte. Additionally, since they are a Canadian company, they must adhere to Canadian gambling laws. That means no live betting or betting on certain events (like soccer) are permitted.

DraftKings is a popular choice among players seeking to bet on sports. The site offers a lucrative sign up bonus (up to $600 in free credit) along with a free bet for new players. Additionally, they offer daily fantasy sports games as well as a weekly “dollar-stack” free bet offering players the chance to win up to $1000 in free cash.


If you’re looking for an online sportsbook that accepts American players, then you might want to check out MyBookie. They have a solid reputation as a safe and secure place to make wagers. MyBookie is owned by MySports, a company that owns and operates a number of sportsbooks around the world. Like the other sites on this list, MyBookie offers a variety of sports (including college football and basketball) and also offers a variety of wager options (including fixed odds and prop bets).

The truth is that the options for online sports betting in the U.S. are expanding, and more and more states are legalizing sports gambling. That means you have more choices for where to place your wager than ever before. If you’re looking for safe and secure options to place your bets, then check out one of these top-rated sites.