What Is the Best CS GO Betting Site?

People often wonder about the best place to bet on CS GO matches. Well, we’re here to tell you that sportsbooks offer some amazing value and you should definitely consider placing a bet or asking for an invite to one of their official betting rings.

Keep reading for more information on how to place bets and how to get an invite to a top-notch sportsbook.

Top 5 CS GO Sportsbooks To Visit

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 betting sites for CS GO matches. Keep in mind the best sportsbook for CS GO betting is going to heavily depend on your personal preferences and the type of game you want to bet on.

5. William Hill

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable place to place your bets then you should definitely check out William Hill. For years, this bookmaker has been the go-to place for English football (soccer) fans. Now, they’ve extended their offerings to include some great opportunities to bet on CS GO matches as well.

The good things about William Hill is that they offer some great value, the customer service is excellent, and their security is unquestionable. If you’re looking for an all-around good experience then William Hill is the place to be. Finally, you should take a look at their current promotions as they frequently have some amazing value added bonuses and free bet offers waiting to be claimed.

4. Coral

Coral is one of the most trusted names in the gambling industry and, for good reason too. They’ve been around since the 1800s and they’re now a global business operating in over 40 countries. As a company, they’re incredibly dedicated to providing their customers with a good experience and they do so by always keeping up with the latest technology and offering great value for money when it comes to in-play betting.

What makes Coral special is that they have a reputation for staying abreast of emerging esports betting markets and having the guts to back these high-profile, in-demand competitions. For example, in 2018 they launched a CS GO betting market and it’s currently one of the more prominent and visible markets on their books. You’ll also find many major football (soccer) events and tournaments throughout the year where you can place a bet alongside some great value promotions.

3. Bet365

Bet365 is popularly known for having one of the largest online betting libraries in the world. One of the things that makes Bet365 so special is that they continually update their collections of games and odds are always current and correct. They’ve also recently launched some amazing new games like Bitcoin sportsbook and TRU Sportsbook that allow customers to place bets on any sporting event, anywhere in the world. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to bet on events that take place outside their country of residence.

Bet365 is also a great choice for those who want to bet on horse-racing or greyhound-speed racing due to the fact that these sports have long-established rules and strict regulations. If you’re looking to place a bet on a sportsbook but aren’t completely sure about the rules then you should visit Bet365. As a general rule of thumb, we always advise our readers to choose a bookmaker that is licensed in their country of residence. Bet365 is licensed in the UK and EU, therefore it’s suitable to use for bets there.

2. Paddy Power

Ireland’s Paddy Power is another great choice for those looking for a reliable and safe place to place their bets. The good things about Paddy Power are that they’re incredibly flexible when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. You can use just about any major credit card to make a deposit and the minimum deposit amount is only €10. Paddy Power is also one of the few bookmakers that offer a mobile application so you can place bets on the go.

One of the things that makes Paddy Power special is that they’re always looking for ways to improve their service. For example, they recently launched a fully automated trading platform that allows users to profit from in-play bets without the need for personal assistance. The aim of this platform is to provide users with an easy way to make money from their betting activity. This is no ordinary bookmaker, this is one that is constantly striving to provide the best possible service to their customers.

Finally, if you’re looking for an online betting site that is popular with the Irish community then Paddy Power is one to consider. They receive a lot of positive feedback from those who use their services due to the fact that they always keep the best prices and promotions for Irish sports fans. If you’re not from Ireland you’ll still be able to use their services, but you might have to search a little harder for the best odds.

1. BetVictor

BetVictor is the number one spot on our list of the best CS GO betting sites. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise considering the fact that they are the international gambling leader with a presence in over 20 countries worldwide. As an online sportsbook, they’re able to operate efficiently and provide great customer service thanks to cutting edge technology and efficient back-office operation. Finally, you should take a look at their vast array of markets and prizes to be won. There’s something for everyone!

BetVictor is also one of the few bookmakers that offer live streaming of sporting events. This is great for those who want to follow a game but don’t have enough time to watch the whole thing. With live streaming, you can easily follow along as the action unfolds. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with all the action, especially if you’re following a livestream from a couple of different places. Being able to watch a game and place a bet on it without needing to click over to another site is a great way to benefit from watching games live. It’s also worth noting that some of the larger bookmakers might block users from using certain betting sites due to the fact that they are committed to providing their customers with a good experience and don’t want to jeopardize that. However, this unlikely scenario is more of a threat to the smaller, independent bookmakers. Most of these sites have little to no brand loyalty and will happily take your money anywhere. As already mentioned, you should always research before placing a bet so that you know you’re dealing with a legitimate, trustworthy business. BetVictor is a widely accepted brand and has a good reputation for customer service. This sort of verification can only be found through proper research though, so don’t just take our word for it.

Additionally, if you’re interested in placing bets on horse racing then you should look at BetVictor’s partnership with the leading horse breeding company in the world, Coolmore. Through this collaboration, they are able to offer customers the chance to win big cash prizes by correctly predicting the winner of certain horse races. You may want to get in on this because, in theory, it’s a profitable venture. However, you should always keep in mind that horse racing is one of the most expensive sports to bet on. The margins are much thinner and you need to place bigger bets in order to make up for the steep odds. It’s still possible to profit from betting on horse races, but you need to be prepared to risk big money if you’re going to do so.