What is the Betting Line on South Carolina vs Mississippi State?

The line for the Clemson vs South Carolina game has moved slightly to favor the Gamecocks. The current betting line on @BetOnline_COM has South Carolina as a 5.5 point home favorite and the over/under on the total is set at 41.5.

That means a $100 bet on South Carolina will pay $110 (5.5 * $100).

Meanwhile, the line for Mississippi State vs Ole Miss has returned to its previous position in favor of the Rebels. The current betting line on @BetOnline_COM has Ole Miss as a 7 point favorite and the over/under on the total is now 42.

A $100 bet on Ole Miss will net you $97 (7 * $100).

Why Has The Line MOVED?

The betting line moves based on a number of factors, but sometimes a team is just a little more worthy of support than the books would have you believe. In the case of South Carolina vs Mississippi State, the spread has moved dramatically in the favor of the Gamecocks. The Bulldogs had won six of the seven previous meetings between the two schools, so it wasn’t hard for bettors to see a betting line moving in the right direction. After all, the Gamecocks were looking for revenge and had a pretty good chance of getting it as well. Plus, they were coming off a bye week and had a full 10 days to prepare for the game. The oddsmakers knew exactly what kind of team they were facing and that is usually the case when the betting line starts moving in the right direction.

What Are The Key Factors In Moving The Line?

A number of factors determine the outcome of a football game, and sometimes it takes a little bit of luck as well as some careful analysis of game film to figure it out. When people refer to the ‘process’ of handicapping football games, they usually mean trying to determine which team is more likely to win based on a number of objective measures; strength of schedule, recent performance, future games, etc. Depending on the context of the football betting line, you can usually figure out what exactly is meant by ‘process’ in this case. For example, if you look at the matchup between South Carolina and Mississippi State, it is pretty clear that the game will be decided by a number of factors outside of the matchups between these two teams. One team will likely have possession of the football for most of the game, which in turn will dictate the outcome. Therefore, the process of handicapping this game will likely consist of analyzing the strengths of each of these two teams as well as how well they match up in terms of the key offensive and defensive statistics that matter most in college football. The following are some of the key factors that have caused the line to move in the right direction in this matchup and you can use them to help determine the winner of the game;

Key Factors Favor The Gamecocks.

  • South Carolina has the edge in almost every important offensive category, including total yardage, passing yards, rushing yards, and points scored (34-30).
  • The Gamecocks also have a significant advantage in the turnover margin (+3) and in the scoring margin (+7 points).
  • Mississippi State has the edge in all but two of the categories that matter most to bettors (total defense and passing defense). However, it is important to note that the Bulldogs have two winnable games this season, including Jacksonville and Alabama, so they don’t necessarily deserve to be judged strictly on the numbers. (They also have an overtime victory over Tennessee).
  • Ole Miss has the favorable matchup in every important offensive category, including total yardage, passing yardage, and rushing yardage. (It should be noted that the Rebels lost to Alabama last week, so their playoff hopes may now be in jeopardy).

If you’re looking for an edge in the betting line between South Carolina and Mississippi State or just want to make sure you get your money back if the spread moves in their favor, then you should look into taking a quick side bet on the game. Many sportsbooks offer free bets or generous bonuses to new customers, so you can get the best of both worlds by taking advantage of those offers.

Key Factors Favor The Bulldogs.

  • Ole Miss has the advantage in every important offensive category, including total yardage, passing yardage, and rushing yardage. (They also have an overtime victory over South Carolina).
  • The Rebels have the clear-cut matchup advantage in terms of defense, as they have played a more impressive schedule so far. However, even the most determined bettors may now have to reevaluate their position on this matchup, as Missouri and Texas A&M, the two next games on the Ole Miss schedule, look promising. (They also have a neutral-site game against Auburn).
  • Mississippi State has three very winnable games coming up, including against Vanderbilt, LSU, and archrival Alabama. (They also have a road game against Florida).
  • Jacksonville is the only team that the Bulldogs have not yet squared off against this year. However, with the Tide losing last week to Ole Miss and the Wildcats upsetting Missouri, it is conceivable that the Bulldogs may not yet be at their best this season. (They also have a neutral-site game against Tennessee in November).

Like with the previous comparison, there are a number of reasons why the line might move in favor of Ole Miss in this game. First off, they have played a slightly more impressive schedule so far. The teams that they have already faced are mostly winnable games, which favors a team with nothing to lose. As discussed above, the other two important factors that can affect the outcome of a game are the strength of each team and how well they match up. The numbers in these two categories favor the Bulldogs, so it is no surprise that the line is also in their favor.

How Is This Game Difficult To Call?

Despite the significant movement of the line in these two matchups, it is still relatively difficult to determine which team will come out on top. Both offenses are strong and well-rounded, which makes both matchups extremely close in terms of overall skill. The following are some of the factors that make it difficult to handicap these games;

Home Court Advantage

This one is pretty self-explanatory; if you’re a member of the ‘sucker bet’ camp then you likely already know what this is. However, if you’re looking for a way to grab some easy money then consider taking the underdog position on the road game in a neutral-site situation. With the home crowd behind you and the travel expenses taken into account, it is often not a bad idea to take the under in these cases. While traveling fans may not affect the outcome of a game, it is always an advantage to be at home, especially when you’re on the road for a game.


Another factor that comes into play is the prevalence of tailgating before games in central Florida. It is extremely difficult to create an exact science to handicap games when you have an uncertain variable like this. For example, if you drive to the game with your family and friends and there is plenty of food and drink available, then you’re going to have a much easier time watching the game and enjoying the experience. It also means that the start of the game may be delayed, which can have a negative impact on the overall officiating. (They’re trying to avoid that with this rule; however, it doesn’t always work out that way).


This is another variable that comes into play, especially in the South. One week after Hurricane Irma devastated the entire State of Florida, many teams were still dealing with the effects of the storm and the resulting power outages, which made it difficult for them to prepare for games. Now that the teams have had a week to rest and prepare for their next game, the odds of them being at their best have improved, which is typically the case when you play ‘off’ a week.


These are the two teams that most people have heard of, and it is safe to assume that they are both very competitive. As a result, any game between these two teams likely has a lot of hype surrounding it. Even the neutral fans in the stadium will have an opinion about which team will come out on top. In some cases, the hype can influence the betting line, especially if both teams are ranked higher than their record would indicate. This is why it is important to look at the matchup and not the reputation of either team.