What is the Betting Line on the Ole Miss vs Alabama Football Game?

The betting line, or favoritism rating, is one of the most useful tools when it comes to sports odds information. Essentially, the line represents the public’s perception of which team will come out on top when the two schools meet on the football field on September 12th. The line can change frequently and is generally posted at the top of sports books in an attempt to give the general public a good idea of what the current line is. Sometimes, the bookmakers may even offer incentives such as refunding part of a customers’ wager if their team comes in first place.

Why Do Bookmakers Use The Betting Line For Football Games?

The betting line represents a combination of many factors. First and most importantly, it determines how much of a ‘favorite’ or ‘underdog’ the sportsbooks view the respective teams to be. Secondly, it indicates the public’s perception of the game’s momentum. If the betting market perceives that one team is going to come out on top, the line will move in that direction. Thirdly, the line serves as a general indicator of which teams are most likely to win the game and, as a result, which bets to place on. Last but not least, betting lines are generally posted at the top of sports books because they are often used in combination with other betting odds to create sports betting parlors. If you are unfamiliar, the odds are basically the probabilities of an event occurring. For example, the odds of the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl are 4 to 1. This means that the Patriots have a 4 to 1 chance of winning the Super Bowl. The line is basically the same but instead of the team’s chances of winning the game, it shows the public’s perception of which team is going to come out on top. Combining the odds of different sports books can produce some interesting numbers combinations. For example, if you were to bet on the Red Sox winning the World Series and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, your total payout would be 24 to 1, or almost four times the return on your investment of simply placing a bet on the Red Sox winning the World Series.

How Does The Line Generally Move Before A Football Game?

Before a championship game, or any other big game for that matter, the betting line is closely followed. In fact, this is sometimes referred to as ‘line movement before the season starts’. Essentially, this is when the public has had time to digest all the rumors, speculation and hearsay surrounding the annual showdown. As a result, the line will generally move in the direction the public believes the game will go. This normally results in the public perceiving the underdogs to be underdogs and the favorites to be favored.

For example, before last year’s SEC Championship Game between Georgia and Alabama, the betting line opened at Alabama -4.5 and closed at Georgia +4.5. The public had already determined that Alabama would beat Georgia before the season even began, which resulted in nearly every sports book in the area shifting the line in Alabama’s favor. Similarly, before the 2014 BCS Championship Game between Florida State and Oregon, the betting line opened at Oregon -7 and closed at Florida State +7. Again, the public had already made their mind up as to which team would win the game without even seeing a football played. In this case, Florida State looked to be the clear underdogs, but the public still went out and placed large wagers in favor of the Oregon Ducks. Typically, the line will move in the direction of the team perceived to be the underdog due to human nature, but sometimes, it’ll move in the opposite direction as well.

How Does The Line Move After A Football Game?

Once the dust has settled on a game and the public has had a chance to digest all the drama, statistics and box scores, the betting line will shift in the direction of the actual outcome of the game. This is sometimes referred to as ‘line movement after the season starts’. For example, if Auburn beats Georgia in a close game during the season, it would not be uncommon for the betting line to adjust and reflect the score of the game. In other words, if the line starts moving after a game like that, it would normally mean that most bookmakers believe Georgia to be a much better team than Auburn and that the game was probably closer than the final score would have you believe.

What About Specials Or Bonuses On Football Games?

At casinos and other sports betting establishments, there is often a Special or a Bonus applied to a football game. These are additional odds or probabilities that the bookmakers will make it easier for you to win big. For example, if you bet $100 on the Oakland Raiders and they win, you would receive $120 in total winnings. Most commonly, these bonuses are offered on games where the spread is huge. Essentially, the idea is to attract more customers to the establishment by offering them bigger winnings. This is why you’ll often see these bonuses applied to Florida State -7 and Oregon -7 games and other games with huge point spreads.

What About Consensus For College Football Games?

The best part of going to the sports book is reading all the odds and betting lines for the various sporting events. One trend that emerges over time is the line moving in the direction of the ‘consensus’. In layman’s terms, this means that the odds for all the books tend to move in the same direction. Since everyone in the area is using the same odds, this makes the consensus the ultimate line to follow. If you look at the above examples of Oregon -7 and Florida State +7 games, you’ll see that the betting lines from all the different sports books moved in the same direction. Essentially, this means the odds of winning moved in the same direction as well. Consensus usually indicates the public’s perception of which team is most likely to win the game.

As you can see, the line represents lots of information, but it’s important to keep in mind that all of this changes constantly and there is always someone willing to take your bet. As a result, try not to get too discouraged if the line doesn’t move in the direction you’d like it to, as soon as you see it, there is always someone ready to take you bet.