What Are the Odds of a Donald Trump Presidency?

While the world was still in shock over the recent US elections, people were already trying to work out the odds of a Trump presidency. The early odds for Trump at Bovada were 30–1, which are now 10–1, with many bookies offering similar odds. One thing is clear: nobody knows exactly what will happen in the coming months – but one thing is for sure: things will be different in America and Europe.

The Change Agent

What will be the effect of a Trump presidency on global politics and the world economy? A lot will depend on who gets what job in the new administration and how they carry out their mandate. This is where the fun begins!

Trump’s Biggest Outsiders

The chances of a Trump presidency are huge, but there are still some people who stand in the way of this amazing political experiment. Here are five of Trump’s biggest outsiders that will make or break his administration.

Stephen Bannon

The former chairman of the extreme right-wing website Breitbart News, Bannon will be Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon has been extremely critical of the European Union and believes that the economic and political systems in the EU and North America are “completely different”. This is not a man you want to oppose!

Bannon’s anti-establishment campaign resonated with voters, leading to Trump beating the Republican Party’s preferred candidate, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas by a margin of 3.7 million votes.

Kellyanne Conway

The best-known political advisor to Trump during the election season is Kellyanne Conway, who heads up the Trump campaign and is expected to be a key member of the administration. Conway has worked as an adviser to two Republican presidents and to the campaign teams of several others.

Conway is credited with helping to mastermind Trump’s unorthodox approach to campaigning and has predicted that his win would be a springboard to greater things.

What exactly will her role be in the Trump administration? Nobody knows for sure, but here are some of the more likely jobs for Conway in the new administration:

– Senior counselor to Trump, helping to formulate domestic and foreign policy

– Providing strategic political advice to the president-elect

– Advice on social media engagement – building and engaging with audiences on online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook

Reed Hastings

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings is another important outsider with huge influence in Trump’s inner circle. Hastings’ company is one of the biggest spenders on digital advertising, and he has committed to spending billions more on television ads alone to get Trump elected.

If the streaming giant’s expensive advertising campaign is anything to go by, then we can expect a lot from Hastings’ role in the administration. The CEO may end up as the head of the Department of Technology or some other position where he can influence government policy on behalf of the tech industry.

Paul Ryan

The head of the House of Representatives’ Republican Party, Ryan is another key outsider who will have a big decision to make. Will he back Trump’s agenda, or will he work against him?

Ryan’s position as House speaker makes him one of the most powerful men in American politics. The Wisconsin Republican opposed many of Trump’s key campaign promises but has since supported the president-elect in pretty much every other way. It remains to be seen if this olive branch will be enough for Trump to forgive Ryan’s previous opposition to him. The relationship between the two men – who both come from prominent political families – will be fascinating to follow.

Rex Tillerson

As secretary of state, Rex Tillerson will be responsible for negotiating international agreements and representing the United States on world stages. The former head of ExxonMobil is the most prominent globalist among Trump’s key team, and will likely head up the state department. If the president-elect is still looking for a cabinet position, Tillerson is the perfect man for the job.

Jared Kushner

Like Ryan above, Jared Kushner is another key advisor to Trump and a member of his transition team. Unlike Ryan, however, Kushner is the son-in-law of Trump, and his portfolio will be diverse – including real estate development, media, and government administration.

Kushner’s real estate business has helped him to gain unique insights into the real estate markets around the world. He sees the value in being able to provide real-time recommendations of what properties to purchase, and often speaks with the presidents of the companies he’s advised. In addition to his role in helping to run the Trump campaign, Kushner has been tasked with negotiating peace between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as brokering a deal between the U.S. and Chinese presidents.

Mike Flynn

Trump’s national security advisor is one of the most prominent figures in the pro-Trump camp, and heads up one of the key pillars of his administration – the military. Flynn is a retired Lieutenant General who spent the latter part of his career working at the White House, and was tapped for his expertise on national security and military strategy. Flynn has been highly critical of American intelligence agencies, and has challenged the very basis of our foreign policy – especially in the Middle East. He has called our alliances “expansive” and “obsolete” and believes that the U.S. should withdraw from many of the foreign entanglements it has gotten itself into. This is not a man you want to mess with!

Trump’s Other Key Outsiders

There are several more prominent political figures who could become important figures in Trump’s administration, including:

– General Jack Keane (Ret.)

– Admiral Mike Mullen (Ret.)

– Vincent Viola

– Tom Ridge

– Ken Blackwell

Many of these people have already shown support for Trump, and his administration will rely heavily on their expertise and experience. The above list is just a small selection of the people who will help Trump to form and implement a new foreign policy for the United States.