What Is the Juice Betting?

The ‘juice betting’ is when a bookmaker offers a money-back guarantee if the selected sports event ends in a draw. In other words, if one team scores just enough points to avoid a clear-cut result, the winning punter gets their money back. Typically, this is applied to football (soccer) matches, although other sports such as tennis, snooker and golf have seen this betting strategy implemented, too.

This type of betting is popular because it provides additional excitement for the sports betting audience. Although it’s not possible to win simply by avoiding a draw, there is still a element of skill involved in selecting the right match-ups!

Why Are Bookmakers Imposing this Strategy Upon Their Audience?

The reason why bookmakers are doing this is simple. Over the course of a football season, there are going to be lots of draws. To put it in terms that the average person will understand, let’s say that you back the underdogs in a football match – and let’s be generous and say that they win by a 6-0 result. In that case, you would have lost 10 pounds (just over £5) because there was a clear-cut outcome. But if you’d been able to identify a ‘winnable’ match, you could have taken out a 100-pound (just over £50) bet and not lost a penny.

Of course, this only applies if the sportsbooks offer this type of bet. As we mentioned above, football is the most popular sport for which this type of betting strategy is employed. Interestingly though, this betting option is quite rare in tennis and golf. You’re more likely to find money-back guarantees on certain events in tennis, while nothing is guaranteed in golf except for the ever-looming possibility of a tie.

How Is This Type of Betting Different From The Normal Odds That One Might Find Online?

The key difference between the juice betting and the normal odds that you might find online is the additional layer of complexity that comes with scanning the media for draws. In the case of sportsbooks offering this type of betting, you’re going to have to search for your match-ups on a variety of news websites and trackers, as opposed to just going to the official website of the competing clubs. This is going to make a massive difference in the amount of time that you’re going to have to dedicate to finding the information that you need. You won’t be able to simply enter the URL of the website in your browser and have all the information immediately presented to you. If this were the case, then we would have had the chance to provide all of this to you for free as part of this blog post.

Moreover, you won’t just have to search for the draws that occur on the field. There will also be line-movements and fluctuations that occur off the pitch, which will require additional research. For example, sometimes clubs will push their odds up in the run-up to a big game so that other bettors will come in and place wagers on them. This is called ‘hedging’. It’s quite similar to the ‘juice bet’ in that it provides the bookmaker with more income, but it also allows them to charge a higher commission percentage. These factors all contribute to why you might want to consider ‘juicething’ as opposed to just placing a standard wager on your favorite team.

When Is This Type of Betting Strategy Appropriate?

This type of betting is most appropriate when the line-movements and the outcomes of the matches are unpredictable. For example, if you’ve followed the EPL this past season and you’re aware that both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have a relatively high probability of losing matches, then you might want to consider betting on them. This is because if one of these two teams loses, then it’s quite possible that the other one will score a goal and you won’t get your money back. Of course, the opposite is also true – if one of these two teams scores a goal, then there is a relatively high probability that the other one will lose.

Similarly, if you’ve followed Major League Baseball this past season and you’re aware of the fact that the performance of individual teams is quite unpredictable, then you might want to consider betting on them. It’s quite easy to make money off of teams that you know are due for a win or loss, but it’s nearly impossible to predict which teams will show the most promise at any given moment. Therefore, any bets that you make on MLB will have a relatively high probability of yielding profit.

Where Can I Find More Information About This Type of Betting Strategy?

If you’re looking for more information about this type of betting strategy, then you can visit the following websites: