What is the Meaning of -3/4 in Soccer Betting?

When placing a soccer bet, one of the most fundamental questions to ask is ‘what fractional score will I get if I win?’ In most cases, the answer will be ‘-3/4′ which you likely learned in school was the fraction that is short of a whole. This is because most casinos and bookmakers will offer only odds on sporting events with numerical outcomes, such as football matches. Sometimes this can be annoying if you don’t have the chance to ask before you place your bet, so here is some info on what the -3/4 fraction really means.

What Does It Mean To Win By A Given Score?

In general, when you win a game of soccer by a given score, it simply means that your team scored exactly that many more goals than the opposing team. To give you an idea of how this works, if Team A scores one goal and Team B scores no goals, then Team A wins the game because they scored two goals while Team B only scored zero. The following table shows some examples of winning with a given score, with the first row containing the score that you will need to adhere to in order to win the game, the second row containing the implied fractional score if that game is won, and the third row containing whether or not that given score can be achieved.