What is the Spread in Tennis Betting?

It’s fair to say that the 2019 tennis season has been a mixed bag so far with some brilliant sporting events and high-quality tennis played at the right times of the year, but also some major upsets and shocking results.

With the 2020 tennis season now upon us, it’s time for us to take a step back and examine the betting market. Just like the game itself, the betting on tennis is unpredictable and fickle, as any tennis fan will tell you. Although we can’t always control the outcome of a match, we can control how we bet on it. This article will tell you all you need to know about the betting odds for this year’s tennis season, from professional tennis to international events all around the world. We’ll cover:

The Favorites

The favorites in tennis are always the big-name players, the players who are regularly competing in the biggest tennis events and who are used to the spotlight. These are the players whom the bookies feel will win more often than not, simply because they are more accustomed to winning. The favorite in tennis is generally a bad idea if you want to profit from betting, as the bookies will always go with the favorite. Sometimes it’s a safe bet, especially if a certain player is the overwhelming favorite, but you’ll rarely get good value for your money. The odds are always in favor of the favorite, which means you lose out on profit when placing a bet on them.

The Underdogs

On the opposite end of the betting spectrum are the underdogs. These are the players who for whatever reason, don’t get the props from the bookies, or at least not enough props to make a noticeable difference. For whatever reason, the public (or the bookies) don’t think these players will do well this year, and if you believe that, then it’s your lucky day! Sometimes these are the very talented players who haven’t yet reached their peak, or the players who have come from nowhere and shocked the world with their talent. The odds are always in favor of the underdog, which means you will make a profit betting on them. It’s not always easy to determine who will be the next big-time superstar, but if you’re looking for a quick way to make some money, you can always find a hidden gem that most people have written off as being no match for the big boys. Don’t be afraid to look for these kinds of players if you’re interested in placing a bet on them, as they can often deliver some truly incredible results. These kinds of players are the ones who constantly find themselves competing for funds, as the odds are always in their favor, but more often than not, their results don’t reflect that. The journey to success is never easy, and it rarely goes according to plan. That’s what makes it so interesting to watch, as we always know that they’ll end up where they’re supposed to be at some point – it’s just a matter of time before they prove the bookies and the public wrong.

The Exceptions

We can’t say that about every tennis player. There will always be some that you’ll have heard of, or seen play before that you believe will have a good season this year, or at least a season that’s different from what you would expect. Sometimes these players pull out one-of-a-kind results that have completely caught everyone off guard. Other times they have an off-year that nobody could have predicted, but in both cases, they will be an exception, not the rule.

No matter what you’re looking for in a tennis player, there will always be someone who can fit the bill. Sometimes it’s hard to find these players by simply Googling them or searching YouTube, but with a bit of research and keeping an open mind, you’ll always be able to find something unique about an individual player that makes them fit for the job. Keep in mind that the more you know about a player, the more you can gauge how successful they will be. A good place to start is their personal website, which often has information on every player, as well as tips on how to bet on tennis. With the 2019 season now in the books, and the odds changing daily, looking back at how the previous season shaped the betting will be invaluable. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the current season’s odds, as well as taking a look at how the previous one panned out. Sometimes you’ll find that the bookies got it right, and sometimes you’ll see that they were completely wrong about who would win a certain event or match. It’s all about reading the tea leaves, as they say!