What Is Trixie In Betting?

Bets are a form of wagering that is all the rage these days. There are many sites and apps that allow users to create and manage their betting accounts and schedules, which can be incredibly convenient. The same goes for the variety of betting products offered, with many sites and apps offering various types of wagers, all of which can be managed from one place.

But what exactly is trixie in betting? Who is trixie, and why should you care about what she has to say? Let’s take a quick look.

What Is Trixie?

As the name would suggest, trixie is a woman who is unique in her approach to wagering. Rather than blindly following the popular wagering trends, she uses her in-depth knowledge of horse racing to devise customized betting strategies for highrollers (individuals who place high-stakes bets), and even the most casual of bettors.

Deep down, you know you want to be doing that. A perfect example of her expertise can be seen in the 2018 Kentucky Derby, where she went off at 9/2 odds, winning $500,000 before landing on Back o’en Aboyeur at 10/1. In this case, she made $100,000 in just two minutes of betting action.

For those unfamiliar, Back o’en Aboyeur was named after a French literary character, Enid Borde, who writes about Parisian high society in the 1920s. Her main character, Madame Marie-France, bets on horse races. In the story, Back o’en Aboyeur is referred to as “the favorite”, and that is exactly what trixie predicted. This was especially memorable because she went against the grain and did not bet on the popular choice, Enable, who was 9/5 odds at the time.

Why Should You Care About Trixie?

It is important to keep in mind that not all trixie is created equal. While a lot of people might consider her to be a genius because of her uncanny knack for picking winners, she is actually quite humble about her abilities. In fact, she often jokes about how she doesn’t really know much about horse racing, having only “flirted with the sport” in the past.

What she lacks in horse knowledge, she more than makes up for in her skill as a handicapper. This gives her the opportunity to devise strategies that take advantage of the over/under betting market that is now available on most sports books and betting websites. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your betting needs, you should definitely check out trixie. She will create a unique and customised strategy for you, based on your wagering history and current betting trends.

In addition to being an expert handicapper, trixie is also an astute observer of horse races, and this makes her extremely valuable to those who follow her tips. For decades, she has been studying the form and behaviour of racehorses, as well as the psychology of the bettors, and she puts this knowledge to use, devising tips and tricks that can help you become a better handicapper. Essentially, she is the ultimate insider, and this makes her extremely valuable to anyone who reads her tips or follows her advice.

More About Trixie

If you want to get more information about trixie or read her previous tips and articles, check out her website or follow her on Twitter @trixiemac, where she shares interesting tidbits about horse racing and her unique take on betting.

In addition to being the go-to source for horse racing advice, trixie also runs a popular blog, where she writes about a variety of topics, including psychology and sports. She even has an entire section dedicated to her unique take on betting, which you can read for free here:

Trixie’s Corner

Ultimately, at the heart of trixie is a desire to find a way to make money in a different way than most people do. It is no secret that the world of sports betting can be a tricky one, full of pitfalls and tricky situations. But by combining her experience as a successful high school basketball coach with her knowledge of horse racing, she was able to put together a system that helps others follow in her footsteps and make a living off of their wagering skills. Whether you are seasoned sports bettor or have never even entered a bet before, there is bound to be something in here to help you out.