What is the ‘T’ in ‘TT’ in Baseball Betting?

The ‘T’ in ‘TT’ stands for ‘traded’. On-field activity during the week prior to game day counts towards a team’s total tally, with points added for each game. The most recent example of a ‘traded week’ was Week 8 of the 2019 MLB season. That week started with the Seattle Mariners hosting the Boston Red Sox. The M’s won that game 4-3, with Jarred Kelenic scoring the winning run in the 11th inning. It was Seattle’s only victory in their first six games of the season. However, the M’s went on a six-game winning streak after that game, which was followed by a 3-15 losing streak. The win/loss record for the Mariners for the week was +3. Trades are generally used in conjunction with daily fantasy sports (DFS) products, where users can ‘draft’ a team of five players and then take on the role of general manager, trying to obtain the best performance from their chosen players by making strategic off-field moves. DFS providers like DraftKings, FanDuel and SkyBet allow users to set up ‘bookmakers’ accounts’ so they can place bets on the results of real-life sporting events. When a user makes a wager on a specific event, their bookmaker’s account will be credited or debited as appropriate by the amount of the wager, which is generally quite small, with each subsequent event having a progressively smaller credit or debit until the outcome of the game is known. In the case of baseball games, the result is usually known within a few hours of the last pitch being thrown. The ‘T’ in ‘TT’ also stands for ‘topple’, which is used when a team’s result is completely unexpected. For example, if a user bets on the Colorado Rockies to win the divisional title in the 2019 MLB season, and the outcome is different to that predicted by the user, the wager will be refunded. The ‘T’ in ‘TT’ also stands for ‘tie’, which occurs when two teams have identical records. In that case, the total number of runs scored or allowed in each game is added together, with that total used to determine the winner. The sum of all the ‘T’s in ‘TT’ for a given week is the ‘TT Totals’ for that week.

More On Baseball

Baseball is another example of a sport where betting is extremely popular. There are a variety of betting products available, including over/under betting, betting on the outcome of individual games, and also total yardage and run scoring. One of the most popular forms of wagering is on the so-called ‘scheduled games’, where users can place bets on the result of particular games that are officially announced well in advance of their date and time. You’ll often hear people talk about ‘lining up’ their bets ahead of time, in other words, setting up money pots to make sure they can easily access the funds when needed. This is generally done using credit cards, where users can enjoy benefits such as zero percent interest financing if they make a purchase within a certain time frame, or received a cash rebate when they made a cash withdrawal within a certain time frame. There are also additional perks available, such as a complimentary bottle of wine or a tub of Mozzarella sticks, when you make a purchase of a certain size using your credit card at a given restaurant or store, and more.

What About The 2019 MLB Draft?

The draft is the stage at the end of the minor league season where players are officially signed by the Major League clubs. In the case of the 2019 MLB Draft, the first round was on Friday, June 7th, and the seventh round was on Sunday, June 9th. Both days had late hours, with the majority of trades being completed after the 8 p.m. ET closing time on June 9th. The draft is interesting from a sports betting perspective, because you’re not actually wagering on the players per se. Instead, you’re betting on which Major League club will be able to sign that player after they’re drafted. This is somewhat similar to betting on the NFL draft, where you’re not betting on the players, but instead the teams that will be on the clock at the end of the draft. If you’re interested in exploring the NFL draft from a betting standpoint, make sure to check out this page from our friends at SportsLine, where you’ll find all the info you need, both sportsbooks, and even an occasional bonus bet available.

At the end of the day, the ‘T’ in ‘TT’ stands for ‘traded’, ‘topple’ and ‘tie’, and it’s used in reference to the results of baseball games. However, for all intents and purposes, ‘TT’ stands for ‘traded’, ‘topple’ and ‘tie’. In the case of the MLB draft, the first round is almost always worth wagering on, simply because there are so few good players left, and even those that are unsigned usually end up being picked up by a Major League club within a few hours of the draft’s end. Other than that, all other rounds are mostly a waste of time.