What Is Vig in Sports Betting?

When the name Vig is mentioned in sports betting circles, most often it is in connection with some sort of scam. However, the truth is that there is actually quite a bit of variance when it comes to the use of this word in online sportsbooks. For the purposes of this discussion, we will walk you through the basics of betting with vigor – also known as maximizing your bankroll or profit margins – in the State of California and examine the various methods that are sometimes used by scam artists to trick unwary gamblers into thinking that they are losing rather than winning.

How Much Vig Do I Need To Put On A Bet To Make It Look Real?

This is a topic that comes up time and time again in online sportsbooks. A question that is usually posed is how much should one put on a wager in order to make it look like a true test of skill? The answer is that it varies from sport to sport and usually depends on the jurisdiction that you are betting in. Different states and different countries have different rules and regulations that pertain to sports betting. Most authorities will tell you that if you are not sure how much you need to bet to succeed, then you are better off leaving some of that action on the table. The point is to use your best judgement and only bet what you feel confident you can win – or at least appear to win – because that is all that matters to you as a sports bettor.

Multiple Betting

There is a misconception amongst beginner sports bettors that if they place multiple bets on the same game, then the odds will reflect that. This is far from being the case. The house will simply apply its vigor (or vig) to all of your bets, resulting in an overall payoff that is less than what you would have received had you placed just one wager. This is why if you really want to maximize your profits from betting, then you should not place multiple bets on the same game. While it is acceptable to place multiple bets on different sports or teams in the same game, the wagering method still applies. You should research how much the various teams and players are worth before laying down your cash because you will lose money regardless of how many times the favorite (or apparent favorite) wins. It is generally accepted among bettors that if you are not sure whether or not to bet on a particular event, then you should not risk money on it. Layering on more than one wager for a single sporting event is generally viewed as a bad idea because it makes the game appear more difficult than it actually is. This, in turn, causes the bettor to underestimate the outcome, leading them to lose money due to excessive vigor – or vig – applied to their wagers.

Betting On The Spread

This is one of the more prominent scams that one encounters in online sportsbooks. You will often see a website or scam email that will encourage you to bet on the spread – that is, bet on whether or not the point differential, or the difference between the two teams’ scores, will be enough to cover the point spread. The problem with this method is that it is extremely difficult to know how much the spread will move in either direction until after the game has been played. For the most part, these types of bets are used to fleece sports bettors. If you get lured into laying down money on the spread (often referred to as “over/under” betting) then the scammer has won, because you will inevitably lose money. Therefore, the best course of action is to steer clear of these types of odds and bets, if you can.

Scamming Vig

Now, certainly there are many legitimate uses for Vig in sports betting. Most often it is applied to horse racing, where it is used to determine the payout for each winning wager. Some sports books also use it as a way to prevent sharpies (casual bettors) from taking advantage of unsuspecting casual players. Usually in these types of situations, the house will offer a series of odds that will gradually lead up to the payoff amount, giving the bettor a way to estimate how much they will win or lose, and hopefully allowing them to walk away with money in the right amount, without getting scammed by a sharp trader.

How Do I Get Vig Removed From My Account?

This, again, depends on the jurisdiction that you are in. Some countries and states have specific laws that prohibit them from removing vig from your account. Others have mechanisms in place that will allow the user to request a check – or in some cases, all or part of their winnings – to be mailed to them. In this case, you will need to contact the sportsbook or website that you are using and explain to them that you believe that there is something funny going on. Most times, depending on how long it has been since your last transaction (often triggered by an email) then they will remove your account and issue you a brand new one. Keeping track of your wins and losses and requesting a check on them is the best way to ensure that your account is legitimate and that you are indeed playing fairly.

At the end of the day, it is all about being smart and keeping your eyes open. If you see something fishy, then it is usually best to walk away. As for the terminology used in relation to sports betting, most often scam artists will try to trick you into thinking that their word, or the word of another scam artist, is always the best interpretation of what is going on. Always verify the source of any information that you are provided with before believing it to be true. Doing this will arm you with the knowledge that you need in order to avoid getting scammed, and keep your money, or at least part of it, when betting.