What Keeps People in the Know from Betting Prop Bets

Have you ever seen a TV show or read a headline about sports betting that made you think, “Huh? I don’t get it.”? That’s probably the reaction you have when you see or read something about sports betting that doesn’t make sense. I mean, you might understand the concept of even odds or underdogs winning, but what on earth is a prop bet?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re in luck because this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss what keeps people in the know from betting on props and will even give you a few examples of prop bets that you can place today. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll have a good understanding of what a prop bet is and how to use them to your advantage. (If you’re already one of those people who knows exactly what a prop bet is and how to use them, feel free to skip to the next section.)

Easy to Understand

One of the most important things to consider about sports betting is how easily it can be understood by the layman. A prop bet can be defined as “a wager on an outcome of a sporting event,” and that’s pretty straightforward. It’s also pretty easy to visualize. You’ve probably seen someone place a bet on the Yankees’ victory in the World Series or the Indianapolis Colts’ victory in the Super Bowl. Those are examples of betting on props.

The betting surface for a prop bet is usually pretty simple to follow. For example, you might see a prop bet for the Super Bowl involving the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Chargers. One team will either bet or bett on the outcome of the game, which in this case is a straight up Patriots win (2.5 points with a $100 wager).

Another example would be the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In this case, the lines might be something like 13-4 (Dodgers win) or 5-2 (Astros win). You get the idea.

With those types of lines, it’s pretty easy to follow. You either side with the Astros or you side with the Dodgers. You look at the odds, and you decide whether to go all the way or to simply place a lay bet. If you’re new to betting or to sports, then taking advantage of the lay bet is a good option. It’s a simple wager, and it doesn’t require you to fully understand the prop bet.


When it comes to offering variety to customers, sports books are always the first to come to mind. You have all kinds of wagers from underdogs winning to favorites winning to games going over or under the total. That sort of variety is what keeps people coming back for more. It offers more than one option for people who want to bet but don’t know exactly what they’re doing. It also offers more than one option for people who want to get involved in sports but don’t have the time to study the sport in depth.

The problem is not with the variety, but with figuring out how to present it to customers in a coherent and easily understood way. In the case of an underdog winning, someone has to make sure that the lines are set up correctly and that enough people are aware that an underdog is winning. When the public realizes that a side they didn’t care much for is prevailing, there can sometimes be a backlash. This is something that has to be taken into consideration. In the case of an underdog winning, it is typically safer to simply back the team you love most. When they win, it’s like winning a lottery, and you’re usually pretty happy for the person who tipped you off.

With a straight up game, like the Super Bowl or the World Series, where one team is heavily favored over another, it’s generally safe to just go with your gut feeling on which team will come out on top. If you’re feeling lucky, you can always go all the way and win some extra money. Or, you can decide that the game is too far gone to matter, and you can simply walk away with your initial investment intact.

Tricky Situations

One of the things that make sports interesting is the fact that they’re rarely easy to predict. It’s not uncommon for a game that was expected to be a blowout to end up being very close. You never know what might happen when the game starts. That’s why, when you make a wager on a game, you have to prepare for the possibility that it could end up being a tie or a close game. In those cases, it’s often best to just walk away. You might have made the wrong wager, and there’s no use in gambling if you don’t want to lose.

Aside from the unpredictability of games, there are times when things can get a little murky when it comes to sports. It’s not unusual for lines to be set after the fact, and that can lead to some problems. In those situations, it’s best to back off, take a deep breath, and try again later. Or, you can ask the book’s advice and place a bet on the safest option available. Sometimes, you simply have to wait and see what happens. Fortunately, the odds will usually favor the safer option.

Bonus Features

It would be pretty hard to talk about prop bets and not mention the fact that many sportsbooks offer additional features to their customers. Most sportsbooks will give you the option of seeing other game outcomes as well as the one you’ve chosen. If you’re playing at a casino or a real-life casino-type setting, this can be a real boon. You can place a bet on the outcome of the game, but if you want to see what other games the casino is offering, you can click on the button that says “progressive slots.” Or, if you want to check on the NBA draft, you can click on “prophet wins,” and so on. In most cases, these additional features are simply icing on the cake. The fact that they’re available is what makes betting at a real-life casino or betting online so appealing.

If you’ve decided that betting on props is for you, then it’s important to take the time to learn the ropes and ensure that you’ve done everything correctly. Sometimes, this means backing off initially, taking a deep breath, and trying again later. Or, you can ask the books advice and place your bet on the safest option available. If you want to avoid hassles and extra costs, then simply back off and wait for a better offer or attempt to place your bet on one of the many other games that the casino is offering.