What Over 1.5 Means in Betting

Ever wonder what over 1.5 means in betting? Over 1.5 means the bettor made a profit of more than 1.5 on the wager. Pretty straightforward. Let’s take a look at some popular bets and where they might fall on the 1.5 to 3 profit margin.

Over 1.5 Margin In NFL Playoffs

One of the most popular bets today is the over 1.5 (-130) in the NFL playoffs. That’s right, bettors are putting their money where their mouth is and laying down some serious cash to show their support for their favorite football team. From an over 1.5 point favorite in the Superbowl to a spread as large as 3.5 in the conference championship games, the margins are pretty high in these matches. We’ll break down the most profitable NFL playoff bets for you.

Over 1.5 In Early Games

Even before the NFL playoffs began, there were a ton of bets coming in over 1.5. The New England Patriots were the favorites to win the Superbowl, San Francisco had a large lead in the divisional round with the Minnesota Vikings, and there were plenty of chalk and money lines for other teams and conferences as well. These bets still exist, but the early games have ended and the action has been shifted to the NFL playoff games.

Over 1.5 In Late Games

The NFL playoffs begin early this year, and as you might imagine, there are still a ton of bets on the over 1.5. There are also a lot of futures and prop bets laying heavy odds on whether or not the teams will cover the spread and win the title. Naturally, many of these bets will end up losing money as the underdogs come in and cover as big a spread as possible. However, those that did hit successfully will walk away with a nice chunk of change.

Over 1.5 In College Football

Bettors are also showing their love for college football with a slew of bets on the over 1.5 spread. There is no shortage of money on Michigan State versus Michigan (State -2) and Alabama versus LSU (Bama -2) in the BCS title game. In fact, all the major bowl games feature some sort of over 1.5 betting option.

Over 1.5 In The NBA

Of course, no discussion of over 1.5 bets would be complete without mentioning the NBA. The same scenario plays out there with lots of favorites and huge spreads as well. The Portland Trail Blazers host the Houston Rockets in the first round of the playoffs, and many places online have the line opened up at least 2 points. As with the NFL, the early games end and the betting shifts to the post-season.

Over 1.5 In The MLB

The same goes for the MLB with lots of money on the Pittsburgh Pirates versus Kansas City Royals game in the first round of the playoffs (Pit -2). The Oakland Athletics host the Seattle Mariners in the last series of the regular season, and there are a plethora of bets available. Unfortunately, as with the other major sports, the early games in the playoffs are often the most profitable. This is because the later games have fewer viewers and therefore are less exciting to watch.

Double Digit Margins

Finally, we arrive at some of the more unusual bets that offer really high margins. For those that like to gamble on the side, these are the spots to be. Take the Detroit Tigers versus New York Yankees game in the ALCS. The Tigers opened as 12 point favorites, but that’s not even the biggest line available. On the opposite side, the Yankees are getting just under 16 points for their home team.

Not only is it a double digit spread, but it also means the bettor is getting something close to a free payday. If we assume a 20x win rate (meaning a $100 bet will result in a $1,000 profit), the bettor can expect to make a $1,600 profit just from this single game alone. Of course, this assumes he makes all his bets successfully and the Tigers and Yankees finish the game. Let’s say instead he puts all of his money on the Tigers and they win by 4 touchdowns. In that case, his profit would be $4,400. Not bad for a few hours of gambling. Not bad at all.

Hopefully, this article has illuminated some of the basic concepts behind betting in general and 1.5 in particular. Now that you’re equipped with some knowledge, you can approach gaming with a better understanding of the terms and games involved. Good luck out there.