What Sports Betting Apps Are Legal in Mississippi?

While it’s always fun to place bets on sports, the risk of getting into trouble for doing so increases if you aren’t prepared for it. Finding out which betting apps are legal in your state can help guide your decision-making process before you get into any sort of trouble.

Fortunately, we’ve gotten rid of the days when people had to search State by State to find out which sports betting apps were available in their area. Thanks to the efforts of the folks at BestBet, a site that strives to provide the most accurate information possible about sports betting apps and sites in general, we now know exactly which apps and sites are and which ones aren’t allowed in each state.

Which Apps And Sites Are Allowed In Mississippi?

Mississippi is yet another State where online betting is perfectly legal but the same cannot be said for the land-based variants. That means you can’t use certain apps or sites to place bets if you’re in the State, but you can if you are out of State. This is one of the major downsides to wagering online as opposed to through a bookmaker. In the former case, you are pretty much guaranteed not to get busted for what you’re doing, which is certainly more convenient.

Fortunately, online betting in Mississippi is fairly straight forward. The State prohibits only a select few of the usual suspects when it comes to online gambling, and those that are restricted are pretty obvious. For starters, you can’t use US-based sportsbooks or online casinos. Additionally, you can’t use certain parts of the internet to place bets, such as crypto currencies or P2P lending platforms. Lastly, you can’t use various mobile applications that allow you to place bets. You won’t find many surprises when it comes to which online betting platforms are and which ones aren’t allowed in Mississippi.

Is There Any Legal Sports Betting In Mississippi?

The short answer is yes, but it’s always better to know the right way to do something than to do it anyway and find out later that you did it wrong. Before you begin engaging in any type of wagering activity in Mississippi, you need to check in with the State to make sure it’s legal. To do this, you can either call them directly or visit the website and click on the “sports” tab in the upper right corner to reach the sales department.

Upon reaching the sales department, you will need to provide some detailed information about yourself, such as name, address, email, and phone number. Additionally, they will need to see some form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Once this information is verified and you have provided satisfactory proof of being a legal adult, they will process your request and either send you an email or give you an application to be processed online via mail. After this, you can begin placing bets as usual.

It’s always good practice to do additional research into the topic of sports betting in your state before you start engaging in any type of activity. By taking the time to find out which platforms are and aren’t allowed in your area, you can avoid the occasional unpleasant surprise when you get caught by the authorities.