What Stats Should I Look At When Betting on Hookey?

Hollywood has been pouring some incredible stats on us this year. It seems like we can’t scroll through social media without seeing some amazing stat to prove whatever point the person is trying to make. While many of these stats are interesting, none of them matter if you don’t know how to bet on horses.

This article will go over some of the most important stats to look at when placing a bet on Hookey, as well as introduce you to some awesome resources you might not have heard of that can help you make the right decision.

How Many Horses Have Won The Kentucky Derby?

The most prestigious horse race in the world, the Kentucky Derby, is run each year in May. It’s named after the famous Kentucky Derby Festival, which was first held in Louisville in 1936.

Over the years, the Derby has become a breeding ground for some incredible horses, and the race boasts an incredible record: it’s been won 72 times by 62 different horses, with the most recent victory coming last year. It’s fair to say that the Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious races in the world and a must-win for any serious horse racing fan.

How Much Does The Kentucky Derby Pay?

If you’re serious about racing then you might want to look into the different prize money available in the Kentucky Derby. Just like the rest of the year, the purse for the Kentucky Derby is huge, with the purse for the 2019 edition being $16 million. While this may not seem like a huge amount of money to you, in terms of horse racing it’s a huge amount of money. It’s more than the entire world ranking of 10th most expensive horse races combined. Of course, the more races you win the more you earn. The current record for most consecutive wins is 18 by Intellijack, who has also been the longest-standing Kentucky Derby winner, having won the race eight times in a row.

How Many Horses Have Won The Alabama Stakes?

For Alabama horse lovers, the Alabama Stakes are a must-win in the springtime. It’s named after the state of Alabama, which is why you’ll often see horses from there representing at the end of the year. The race is similar to the Kentucky Derby, with the main difference being that instead of there being just two divisions, there are four. It was first held in 1872 and has been won 17 times by 10 different horses, the current record holder being Mineshaft with 12 wins.

How Much Does The Alabama Stakes Pay?

The Alabama Stakes are a bit of a poor relative of the Kentucky Derby. The first edition of the race paid $2,000, which is equal to about $26,000 in today’s money. However, the payout for the 2019 edition is actually $150,000. While this may not seem like a lot compared to the rest of the year, for an Alabama horse it’s a decent payday.

The Precedence Of The Derby

If you’ve never heard of the term precedence then you might want to look it up. It simply means that in the event of a tie at the end of the race, the winner of the prior race will prevail.

In the case of the Kentucky Derby, this is especially important, as there have been multiple occasions where the race came down to the wire with no clear winner. Typically, the pace of the race will slow down significantly toward the end. This has caused a lot of controversy and left the race open to accusations of fixing, with one famous example being the 1927 race, where the Agile and Sir Barton finished in a tie. The former was declared the winner by the stewards, despite many believing that Sir Barton had beaten him fairly easily. This was the beginning of the end for the famous horseman Jack Robinson, who lost his job as a result and eventually went on to found the National Football League. For more than 70 years, Sir Barton was the only horse to ever win the Kentucky Derby more than once. The most recent example of a tie leading to a rematch is the 2017 race, where Exceller and Impressive became the first horses to finish in a tie since 1899. The two horses had to go head to head a second time, with Exceller emerging victorious by a neck over Impressive, who again came in second place. These two horses had previously finished first and second in their respective divisions of the race, causing quite a bit of confusion, as well as making the 2017 edition the most controversial edition ever. In the event of a draw, which has happened multiple times throughout the history of the Kentucky Derby, the purse will be divided among the competitors, causing a lot of problems for the horses.

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