What to Research Before Betting on Baseball

Baseball is one of America’s great pastimes and it’s been around for more than a century. This year, you might consider wagering on the outcome of a game. You could do this in several different ways, including:

  • Betting on the total runs scored in a game
  • Taking a side in a baseball betting pool
  • Backgammon like games with friends
  • Over/Under betting on how many home runs a team will hit
  • And plenty more!

If you’re new to wagering then the key is doing your research. Before you place a bet, you should know what the odds are and if it’s a sure bet or if there’s any danger of losing money. It’s also important to keep in mind what time of day you want to place your wager. Some booksies don’t publish their odds until 24 hours before the game, so you’ll miss out on the opportunity to place a bet. If the game is at a disadvantageous time for you (such as early in the morning when you’re still groggy, late at night or early in the morning on a school day), then you should pass on placing the wager. Having the advantage of superior information is critical to winning as a baseball bettor.

Rise And Fall Of MLB Team Valuations

With the start of a new baseball season just around the corner, it’s a great time for a review of MLB (Major League Baseball) team values.

MLB team values are always up for debate. Analysts such as Joel Sherman of the New York Post argue that while some teams are truly valuable and worth a premium, others are overvalued or undervalued. In any case, it’s always a good idea to follow the latest MLB team values and whether or not they’re moving up or down. There’s usually a reason for this, so you’ll know whether or not to pay attention to current valuations.

Odds And Ends

MLB odds are always a good starting point for any bettor. You have the traditional American odds (e.g., Yankees over 2.5, Cubs under 2), as well as the proposition bets (e.g., Astros over 8.5, Cubs under 8). It’s also important to note that some booksies don’t publish their odds until 24 hours before the game, so you’ll miss out on the opportunity to place a bet if the game is at a disadvantageous time for you. Just a few of the more popular odds to consider are:

  • Cubs over 2.5
  • Red Sox over 2.5
  • Yankees over 2.5
  • Astros over 8.5
  • Black Sox odds
  • Marlins over 2.5

One of the great things about MLB betting is the fact that there are always so many different ways to win. You don’t always need to bet on the favorites to have a good chance of winning. If you do want to play it safe, you can always lay bets on underdogs (e.g., A’s, Pirates, and Rays). Or if you think one of the teams listed above is value-for-money, then you can choose them to win. It’s all about what you’re feeling that day, what type of game you want to see, and what type of wager fits your budget. In the end, you should always feel that you made the right choice for you.