What Was the Betting Line on the Mississippi State-Louisville Bowl Game?

When the all-powerful William “Refreshment Station Billiard Parlor & Restaurant” Hickory-Smoked Bar-B-Que gave his thumbs up and started to play, the floodgates opened. Sportsbooks across the country opened their doors and turned on their phones, as eager bettors tried to get in on the action. The over/under on the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship was set at 72.5 points, and many bookmakers gave Alabama a huge advantage in the game. They might as well have posted no line at all, as most bets were on the under.

Why Did People Back Alabama In The First Place?

The opening lines had a lot of attention because of the massive over/under and the popularity of both schools. No. 1 Alabama was heavy favorites in the game, and bettors wanted to see them dominate as usual. The Crimson Tide had not lost a football game since 2014, and people were afraid they were going to stumble this year. Many people also thought that Louisville would give Alabama all they could handle, because of the Cardinals’ no-limits practice regimen.

Then, disaster struck. After a poor start by both teams, Alabama’s Jameis Winston threw an interception and fumbled the ball, allowing the opposing team to score a touchdown. The wheels fell off for the second-ranked Crimson Tide in the rest of the game, as Louisville dominated in all aspects. Some bookmakers had to settle for small wins, and the over/under saw significant movement.

How Did People Respond To The Alabama Blowout?

Despite the upset loss, many were still willing to place wagers on Alabama because they thought the under was still a good choice. The game was so one-sided that some people might actually have won money if they followed the under. When it comes to the College Football Playoff National Championship, there simply isn’t any value in backing the favorite.

However, after the winless streak was broken and Alabama finally won a game last year, many bookmakers changed their tune. They realized that the Tide were no longer the greatest show on Earth, and that the over had a lot of value. This year’s College Football Playoff National Championship between Alabama and Louisville was a profitable event for those that picked the under on the opening lines.

Where Does This Leave The Inaugural CFP National Championship?

The big question is: Where does this leave the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship? The odds on the over/under for next year’s game are currently 12/1, while the under is now 4/1. If you were going to place a bet on the 2016 CFP National Championship, you would have had to pay off early because the betting odds are moving in the opposite direction. If you want to get a piece of the action before this year’s event, you will need to look into buying tickets to the game or you could face significant penalties from sportsbooks. Additionally, the event will likely be a pay-per-view in the next season, so you will need to have enough money on hand to cover the cost of the pay-per-view. Unfortunately, if you did not bet on Alabama in the first place, you are out of luck, because there are no refunds in sports betting.

However, if you are looking for a way to get in on the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship, you could always try your luck at the casino. The casinos might not have the best odds, but at least you will have a chance at winning some money. Unfortunately, none of the casinos we tested were open to residents of Maine, so that option is out. Still, it’s always fun to dream.

The odds for this year’s game will likely continue to move in the under direction for the next three years. However, if you want to get involved in the action, you will need to set up a betting account with one of the online sportsbooks and place your bets. If you are looking for a free bet, you can find plenty of places online where you can get that too. The key is to get in on the action early and often, because as time goes on, the value of the under will decrease. However, until then, there is still value in backing the under.