What was the Betting Line on the Jets Game?

The Miami New Jersey sportsbooks had oddsmakers for the 2020 NFL season. Here are their betting lines for the Jets game:

Over/Under 37.5

The over/under line for the Jets game was set at 37.5. The over/under is two-thirds of the total number of points that are scored in the game. For example, if the total is 45, then the over/under is 37.5.

The over/under line is typically the most popular betting option because it is simple to calculate. For instance, if you are taking the underdog (Jets), you can simply subtract the over/under number of points (37.5) from the total number of points (45).

Home Field Advantage

For decades, the home field advantage in pro football has been a major deciding factor in many games. In 2020, the New York Jets had the opportunity to prove that their home field advantage was real and that the defending Super Bowl champions were for real. That is, until early September when the regular season began.

If you follow football, then you know that the Jets had a sluggish start to the season. They lost their first four games before winning their fifth matchup. That is when things shifted and the Jets became clear-cut contenders for the Super Bowl. As a result of their hot streak, the Jets were a popular team to bet on during and after their winning streak. For instance, if you were to place a bet on the outcome of the Jets game before their fifth matchup, you would likely get odds of 2.6 (2.6). Meaning that the implied (expected) wagering amount was $296.64.

Early Odds

The early odds for the Jets were set at 7/2 and they were given by Westgate Las Vegas. These odds reflect the expectations of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas that the Jets will rebound from an underwhelming 2019 season and return to the glory of their 2018 and 2017 playoff runs. The early odds favor the Jets because they are seen as a trendy pick. However, as soon as the season began, many gamblers have backed off the early odds in favor of more consistent betting lines. The main reason for this is that the home field advantage in pro football is quite unpredictable, making it hard to justify high-risk, high-reward wagering. Especially since you cannot rely on the home field advantage to win consistently.

Current Trends

With the 2020 NFL season just days away, many sportsbooks have posted their betting trends for the upcoming season. The trends reflect what gamblers are doing now and what they will be doing in the coming weeks and days. In the case of the Jets, the trends are quite positive. According to Westgate Las Vegas, 83% of gamblers believe that the Jets have a high chance of making the playoffs. Furthermore, 59% of the sportsbooks surveyed believe that the Jets are a good bet to make the Super Bowl. Additionally, bettors seem to have adjusted their wagers in favor of the Jets. For example, before the season started, the odds for the Jets were 7/2, but now they are only 5/2.

Many people consider betting on sports to be a form of hobby. For these people, the key to enjoying their favorite teams is by placing some small wagers on their matches. The key is to enjoy the game, but without risking too much money. The key to successful wagering is knowledge. Therefore, make sure to check out these betting trends before placing your wagers.