What Was the Betting Line on the Vikings Game?

The NFL has officially started and the first big game is this weekend. The Minnesota Vikings are taking on the visiting New York Jets in what should be an incredible game. The line for this game is currently listed at 5.5 points, which is just about right considering the betting markets are now open and people are keen to place bets on the game. The over/under for the game is currently 47 points, so if the game goes over, people will be really happy. It should be an incredible game and with the temperatures in Minnesota having dipped to historical lows, it is even more fascinating. Here’s a look at what the betting line was prior to the teams’ final pre-game adjustments and what it could mean for the game this weekend.

Prior to Final Adjustments

Prior to the teams’ final adjustments prior to the game, the betting line for the Vikings was listed as follows:

Betting Odds Favorite Underdog Jets +5.5 Minnesota Vikings -5.5

The underdog in this game is the visiting New York Jets, who are coming off an incredible game against the Los Angeles Rams where they outscored them 29-0 in the first half. They will be favored in this contest simply because the visiting team always gets an advantage in the NFL. Their personnel is better than Minnesota’s and they are more accustomed to playing in cold weather.

What Does It Mean For The Game This Weekend?

Simply put, it means that prior to their final adjustments, the Minnesota Vikings were a 5.5-point favorite over the New York Jets. This despite the fact that they are a worse team than the Jets. If the line holds firm, it is going to be a close game, but the Vikings are going to have the advantage. If you want to place a wager on the game, you should do so now since the betting lines will probably be frozen by the time the game starts.

Final Adjusted Betting Line

After their final adjustments, the betting line for the game is now as follows:

Betting Odds Favorite Underdog Jets -6.0 Minnesota Vikings +6.0

There is no question that the visiting New York Jets are the better team than the Minnesota Vikings. Even so, with the line now favoring them, it is still far from certain that they will cover the 6-point spread. A team that is more adjusted to cold weather should not be favored against a squad that has the experience in playing in colder climates. The underdogs typically win these types of games. People are going to want to wager on the underdog in this one.

Why Are The Jets Favorites?

The Jets are favorites simply because they are the visiting team and home advantage is always a factor in these situations. The cold weather always helps and people are going to want to cash in on that fact. Everyone knows the teams’ tendencies in this type of game and with the temperatures in Minneapolis expected to be in the single digits, it has the potential to be a very cold game. In addition to the fact that the Jets are coming off a very close win against the Rams, it is hard to bet against them on such short notice. The line has now moved in their favor, but it is still a very close game.

Who Wins This Game?

The Vikings won the last meeting between these teams in Minneapolis in 2017, which was a 17-13 victory. The Jets haven’t been in Minneapolis since 2010, which is also the last time they won there. Over the past seven meetings, the home team has won every single one. It is not that the Vikings are bad, they just haven’t faced the Jets since 2010 and are definitely due for a win. The spread moved in their favor thanks to the Rams losing to the 49ers a few days ago, which allowed the Titans to move into the number three spot in the AFC. This means that the Houston Texans’ next game is less than a week away, which will be interesting to follow since they are a very balanced team. If the line holds, it will be a close game, but the advantage is clearly going to be with the Vikings. It is still too early to tell with the season a few weeks old, but it seems that both teams are going to be very competitive all season long and it should be an incredible game this weekend in Minnesota.