What Was the Betting Line for Super Bowl 51?

The 2019 NFL season was one to remember. It started with the National Football League (NFL) officially declaring the event season open with the first preseason game being played on September 10. Since then, the action has been non-stop. This year’s Super Bowl was no exception. With the final whistle blowing in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, we take a look at the betting odds and trends that emerged from this year’s game.

NFL Season Opener

The NFL season opener is traditionally one of the most exciting weeks of the year. However, this year’s opener lacked the usual spark. It was a struggle from the beginning as the Kansas City Chiefs looked nothing like the team that we had seen in the preseason. They trailed 17-0 at the end of the first quarter and did not mount a comeback. The odds for Kansas City to beat New England in the game were 4/1, a pretty big spread considering the way the regular season would play out. This game also served as the beginning of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, which has so far claimed over 100 lives and infected thousands. Amidst the pandemic, the NFL decided to play the opener on Thursday, September 11 instead of the usual Sunday. It was the same thing with the Toronto Blue Jays’ season opener on Monday, April 30. The Toronto Maple Leafs decided to play a doubleheader on April 30 so they could start preparing for the upcoming season while staying at home due to the pandemic. The next two games were postponed. It was also the first game of the year to be played without a ball being kicked. The NFL did not want to take any chances with the coronavirus spreading via the football. These were the storylines that emerged from the season opener, but none of them stood out as much as the underdogs did. Teams like the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots are usually the favorites in preseason games, but this year was different. The two teams that stood out the most were the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers. The betting public is rewarding their faith in these underdogs by laying them heavy in the betting shops. The Steelers opened at 4/1, while the 49ers opened at 7/1. This week, the two teams meet in Super Bowl 54. While it’s still early in the season, these betting trends are already emerging. The 49ers have been the subject of many betting predictions, with the oddsmakers giving them -140 betting odds to win the Super Bowl.

Steelers Win The Second Half

Although the betting public is not paying attention to the early season games right now, the Steelers have been putting in the work and have been the subject of many betting predictions. It started with the New England Patriots. Many bookmakers have the Steelers favored in the matchup, with the over/under for the game set at 56.5 points. The betting odds for the Patriots to win the game are currently -135. It was the same thing with the San Francisco 49ers. Although the 49ers were seen as the underdogs in the matchup, many bookmakers think that the betting public will be on the side of the 49ers due to their excellent start to the season. The over/under for the game is set at 54 points, and the betting odds for the San Francisco 49ers to win the game are +135. In other words, if you’re betting on the game, you would have to risk $135 to win $100. This is quite the trend. You’re starting to see a lot of one-sided games where the public is on the side of the underdog. While this is generally a good thing, the over/under can still be very high in some cases, even if the teams are not seen as true underdogs by the betting public. We should know more later this season if this is going to be the case, since the season will continue for at least a couple of more games.

Dolphins Are A Work In Progress

The opposite can be said for the Miami Dolphins. Far from being an underdog in the game, the Dolphins are traditionally one of the favorites to win every game. This year was the exception, as the team started 0-3 and has not been the same since. After losing their first three games, the Dolphins decided to shake things up a bit. For the first time in years, the team started a quarterback, Jay Cutler, who was signed in August and played eight games for the club. He didn’t do much to help the situation. The team decided to start Ryan Tannehill, with whom they won two games. However, the team is not ready to rely on one player, and the results have not been good. The over/under for the game was set at 56.5 points, but the Miami Dolphins are far from being a lock to win the game. In fact, the over/under might be a bit generous. The betting odds for the Dolphins to beat the New England Patriots are currently -145. While this seems like a long shot, you’re starting to see a lot of one-sided games where the team that people think will win the game does not. The Dolphins will need to pull off a miracle to have a chance in this game. However, considering their historically great track record, they should not be counted out just yet.

Patrick Mahomes Is Having A Prodigy Season

Speaking of long shots, let’s talk about Patrick Mahomes. Many are saying that this season is going to be the one where the young superstar breaks out. Mahomes set the scene in a big way when he broke the record for most touchdown passes in a preseason game. He broke the record of 22 touchdown passes, which was held by Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. The hype around the young passer is real, and it’s carried over into the betting markets. The Kansas City Chiefs are 6/1 to win the Super Bowl, which is a very generous price. Some have the team even behind Seattle in the AFC west division. As we mentioned before, the two teams that people seem to be backing heavily are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers. While it’s still early in the season, these two teams are clearly the ones to beat in the AFC. If you’re looking for an underdog team that you can lay heavy odds on to win the Super Bowl, then take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs. While it’s a long shot, they’re definitely not an untouchable team like many would have you believe. If you’re looking for an alternative, then you can also go with the Oakland Raiders, who are 15/1 to win the Super Bowl. Of course, if you’re looking for a guaranteed moneymaker, then you can always go with the New England Patriots, whose odds for winning the Super Bowl are currently -135. It’s still very early in the season, but these are the teams to beat in the AFC for now. Kansas City fans should not get their hopes up just yet, as their team is still far from being a real threat to take down the Patriots in the AFC.

NFL Power Rankings

In the same week that the Super Bowl was played, the NFL released their regular-season power rankings. This is a ranking of the top 12 teams in the league based on their current standing. Many pundits have the Kansas City Chiefs ranked number one, with some even ranking them the clear-cut favorites to win the Super Bowl. Let’s look at the power rankings:

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. New England Patriots

3. San Francisco 49ers

4. Los Angeles Rams

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

6. Houston Texans

7. Tennessee Titans

8. New York Jets

9. Carolina Panthers

10. Arizona Cardinals

11. Cleveland Browns

12. Baltimore Ravens

As we can see, the betting public seems to have a clear favorite in the 2019 Super Bowl. It will be the Kansas City Chiefs against the New England Patriots for the right to go head-to-head and represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Let’s take a look at the betting trends that emerged from the Super Bowl.