What Was the First U.S. State Outside of Nevada to Offer Legal Sports Betting?

As the legalized sports betting industry continues to grow, there is a continuous need for those looking to get involved to find the best places to do business and the most suitable legal structures. One state that might interest you is New York. The state has decided to legalize sports betting for fun and has given the gaming industry the green light to operate legally within the state. If you are thinking about setting up shop in one of the world’s greatest cities, here’s a brief guide about the history and current state of legal sports betting in New York.

The Early Years

New York is undoubtedly the most populated state in the country. Considering how much time people spend working, studying, and hanging out in the Big Apple, it’s not a huge surprise that the government there legalized sports betting a few years back. The state already had a history of accepting sports bets from Atlantic City and New Jersey with the passage of the Jimmy Hoffa Act in 2006. The act allowed for states to allow for online wagering and fixed sports betting. The new guidelines made it possible for those outside of Nevada to place bets on football, basketball, and other sports events. Before the act, places like New York and other states weren’t allowed to take bets on pari-mutuel wagering grounds.

The state is also home to some of the most important sports figures in history. New York has produced some great athletes and many a famous professional and college sports team. With the state legalizing sports betting, it means that you can now bet on sporting events from the hometown of some of the greatest to ever play the game.

Where Can I Place My Bets?

For those looking to get involved in sports betting in New York, you’ll need to check with the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) as places to do business vary widely by locality. The only legal gambling establishment in New York is the New York Racing Association. They operate six tracks: Belmont Park, Aqueduct, Brooklyn Animal Shelter, Colonial Park, Jamaica and Saratoga. You’ll need to register with the DGE as an agent of a foreign country or jurisdiction before you are allowed to place bets in New York. Most agents of foreign countries will be able to get a sportsbook license in New York, but you’ll need to find a land-based casino for the other types of licensing.

Most states have one or two gambling establishments that offer sports betting. It’s a great way to continue the gambling tradition started by the American Indians. If you’re lucky, you might even find an all-in-one gambling house in your state, like the one in Arizona. Having an entire casino dedicated to betting on sports is a great way for people to enjoy a game without having to leave the house. It also makes it easier for those who don’t want to go to another state to gamble. If you’re looking for a place to place your bets, consider the following: