What was the Over/Under Betting Number of Super Bowl 2017?

The Over/Under Betting number for the Super Bowl is currently sitting at 4.5. The over/under line opened at +125 and rose as high as +145 before finally settling at +135. The betting public seems to be in the mood for taking the over. The Patriots are currently 2.5 points favorites according to the spread, which is a -110 betting option.

How Did the Line Movement Work?

There were three main factors which contributed to the line movement on this particular bet:

  • New England’s early success and the Miami heat combined to push the line higher
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers surprisingly coming in as hot a pick as they did as a -14.5-point underdog against the Patriots
  • The fact that the New York Giants had only a 1-point lead in its divisional round playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings

Who Benefits Most From the Line Movement?

For the most part, the line movement benefited the underdogs. The Steelers and the Giants both moved the line in the right direction as did the underdogs against the spread. The underdogs which currently benefit the most from the line movement are:

  • Steelers (+144.5) against the Patriots (-110) at a price of $105 to win $119
  • Giants (+138) against the Packers (-110) at a price of $100-110 to win $119
  • Vikings (-14.5) against the Steelers (-110) at a price of $105 to win $119
  • Chargers (+133.3) against the Chiefs (-110) at a price of $100-110 to win $119
  • Texans (+138) against the Jaguars (-110) at a price of $105 to win $119
  • Bears (+141) against the Raiders (-110) at a price of $105 to win $119
  • Dolphins (+132.3) against the Patriots (-110) at a price of $106 to win $119
  • Cardinals (+157.8) against the Rams (-110) at a price of $105 to win $119
  • Seahawks (+155) against the Broncos (-110) at a price of $105 to win $119

One interesting side note is that all of the above betting options are currently available at online sportsbooks. The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sports events of the year, with sportsbooks wanting to make sure their customers have a good time with the big game. This obviously doesn’t mean that every sportsbook is giving you the best odds, but it’s usually good to have options regardless of where you choose to place your wager.