Oscars Betting Odds: Best Picture Winner Prediction

With just over a month to go before the Oscars, the betting odds have started to flow in on which film is going to take home the gold. The 2019 Oscars are set to be one of the most exciting awards seasons in recent history. Not only is it the 90th anniversary of the iconic film awards, but the Best Picture category is guaranteed to be one of the most competitive races in years. There are 27 contenders, including Greta Gerwig’s delightful Lady Bird, Richard Linklater’s superbly crafted Waking Life, and Spike Lee’s blockbuster sporting epic Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The race is wide open.

Here, we’ll examine the Best Picture odds and predict the winner before the Oscars even begin. Be sure to check back on this page throughout the month of March as we update this article to keep you in the know.

Which Film Is Headed For The Oscars?

Although the official nominees will be announced on the 11th of March, the 2019 Oscars betting odds have already started to flow in. The biggest question is: Which film is going to win? The 2019 Best Picture nominees are:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantulin) – 4/1
Rocketman (Tarantulin) – 8/1
Jojo Rabbit (Tarantulin) – 12/1
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions – 18/1
Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird (Alfani Alessandra) – 25/1
Waking Life (Richard Linklater) – 33/1
The Irishman (Todd Haynes) – 50/1
The Farewell (Ling Zhe) – 66/1
Eden (Naomie Harris) – 100/1
A Quiet Place (John Fasano) – 200/1
The Goldfinch (Raphael Dommert) – 400/1
The Lover (Andrew Lloyd Webber) – 800/1
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantulin) – 1200/1
The Two Popes (Pedro Pascal) – 1600/1
The House of Gucci (Gianluca Colucci) – 2000/1
Parasite (Bong Joon-ho) – 5000/1
Black (Timothy Nelson) – 10000/1

Why Is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Such a Popular Pick?

As previously stated, 2019 is the 90th anniversary of the Oscars, and the category Best Picture is guaranteed to be one of the most competitive races this year. Given that it is the 90th anniversary of the Oscars and the year is drawing to a close, it seems fitting that the most popular choice for Best Picture is a retelling of the 1920s Roaring Twenties. The 1920s were a time of decadence and hedonism which laid the groundwork for the artistic renaissance of the 1960s. In keeping with the zeitgeist of the decade, the makers of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood wanted to recreate the glamour, decadence, and hedonism of that bygone era in contemporary society.

The 1920s were also a time of political upheaval during which the United States was first afflicted with the Spanish Influenza pandemic and then plunged into the Great Depression. The economic and social climate of the times inspired Richard Linklater’s magnum opus Waking Life, whose protagonist Jack awakens from a dream about life in the 1920s to find himself in the present day. It’s a meditation on the passage of time and the inescapability of the past.

For those seeking a pick which embodies the artistic renaissance and an escapist fantasy, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the clear choice. At 4/1, it’s relatively affordable, and you know what they say: When money is no object, then fantasy truly takes over.

Will Gucci’s The House of Gucci Take Home The Oscars?

Another popular choice amongst bettors is Gucci’s The House of Gucci. The luxury goods company, headed by the colorful Alessandro Montefeltro, is a sponsor of the Oscars and the House of Gucci is responsible for some of the most iconic designs of the 20th century, including the leather Birkin handbag. The company is also responsible for other luxury products, such as the classic canvas goods featured in Dior’s recent 2021 spring/summer collection, as well as the fragrance Vetiver, which is named after the company’s signature scent.

The House of Gucci is the third-most valuable brand in the world, worth an estimated €12.9 billion (A$16.3 billion). In keeping with the brand’s rich history, the company once again turns to the 1920s for inspiration, but this time around the setting is the glamorous Paris of the late 20s. Designer Christian Dior, best known for his creations in the 1950s Christian Dior’s last and perhaps greatest collection, offers a glimpse into the designer’s prolific career.

Dior’s collection, titled Apres-Soleil, revolves around a flapper girl who ventures out into the Paris streets in search of a new way of living. The collection is filled with playful yet elegant flourishes, including checkered driving gloves and sun hats designed in an A-frame shape, which are worn together to create a striking visual effect. The showstopping piece is a breathtaking see-through dress studded with over 100,000 sequins and spangled with over 300 golden suns. The extravagant collection, which Dior masterminded himself, serves as a wonderful capstone to his career.

One of the most interesting things about the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is how it blurs the lines between past and present, drawing from the golden era of Hollywood and bringing it to life in the here and now. The film opens in the United Kingdom in April, and it will likely be a box-office hit Stateside as well. As one of the most iconic films of the decade, it seems only fitting that the Best Picture category of the 2019 Oscars should be awarded to a film which resonates with audiences on so many levels.