What Were the Betting Odds on Trump Winning?

The odds of Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidency have been getting longer as the general election campaign has gone on. The latest betting odds from Coingeneris.com give Trump an 11/4 chance of becoming the next president of the United States.

This is a big increase from the 5/4 odds offered by BetOnline.com a week ago. While it’s still rather unlikely that Trump will win, the betting markets have clearly taken a liking to the unconventional Republican candidate. His chances are now just a few points behind those of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Why Has Trump’s Odds Increased?

There are a number of reasons why the betting markets have shifted to favor Trump. Here are some of the biggest ones.

1. Republicans Have Come To See Sanders As The More Conservative Opponent

Many Republicans have shifted their support to Trump since they saw him as the safer choice for president than their previous pick, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a democratic socialist who advocates for free healthcare, free college education, and a federal jobs guarantee. Although he has stuck with the issues that motivated him to run in the first place, many Republicans have now chosen to back their party’s candidate in order to prevent more harm than good from coming to America under a Clinton presidency.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many more Republicans have soured on Trump because they viewed him as a risky choice for president. The real estate mogul and reality TV star has a checkered past with regard to his treatment of women and has frequently made racially insensitive comments during interviews and speeches. These qualities have prevented many conservatives from supporting or investing in his companies and ventures, even though he has boasted about the size of his assets.

2. Despite All The Attacks, Hillary Is Suffering From A Low Esteem Problem

Although most politicians try to put on a brave face during election seasons, the reality is that they’re often hiding in their respective homes, praying for the voters to select them over the competition. This is why when they finally do hit the campaign trail, they appear listless and disinterested during speeches, and why their approval ratings are usually lower than those of the sitting presidents who preceded them.

For months, Hillary has been the subject of relentless attacks from Trump and his surrogates, especially on the campaign trail. Despite all of this, she has still managed to maintain a fairly high approval rating among voters. If anything, she has become more tolerable to the American public as an increasingly unlikely victory has become a reality.

3. Hispanics Are Now Looking Toward A 3rd Party Candidate

In 2012, around 65% of Hispanic voters went for Obama. In 2016, with Trump on the ballot, that number is surely going to shrink. For the foreseeable future, it would appear that Hispanics are going to be breaking ranks and supporting a candidate who is not from their own party. While many have tried to portray this as a positive sign for the GOP, the growing dislike for Donald Trump among this key voting demographic could prove to be a major blow.

4. Black And Hispanic Voters Aren’t As United As They Might Have Been

This year’s presidential election has proven to be a realigning election, shattering the traditional voting patterns that existed for decades. One important demographic that was previously united behind Obama has now turned away from the Democratic Party and its candidate, and has instead supported Trump. This is the story across the country, with urban centers and rural areas alike finding themselves in a similar situation.

In terms of votes, it is certainly the case that Trump has benefited from a significant number of women and minorities. This section of the electorate has come together and chosen a candidate who is not known for pandering to, or caring for, the interest of political minorities. In this sense, Trump has won the election, even if he didn’t actually win the popular vote.

There is a reason why the polls show a close race remaining. Despite all of the hand-wringing over the last few months, and all of the ridiculous controversies that have surrounded him, Trump still has a lot of support. If anything, the recent revelations about the Clintons as well as Obama’s various scandals might make some voters actually like him even more. And as long as a sizable chunk of the electorate likes him, he will remain the president-elect.