When Should You Bet Consensus Picks?

Bets on the consensus line are often times hard to judge. Consensus picks are simply a group of experts’ opinions on the outcome of a given game. These experts are usually well-known people within their given field and can give you an idea of the score of the game. Although you may be able to go into the betting line and find your own opinion on who will win, the general public usually has no way of knowing what those experts think. But, as we’ll soon see, there are times when betting on the consensus line makes perfect sense.

When To Bet On The Consensus Pick

The consensus pick is generally considered a safe bet and is almost always within two touchdowns of the final score. This is especially the case with national football championship games. For example, in the 2017 season the Chicago Bears had a 28-20 victory over the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl – a game that was ultimately decided by a touchdown or less.

If you look at the betting line for just about any championship game, you’ll notice that the betting is usually very close to even money or slightly favors the home team. This is because oddsmakers are usually hesitant to give the visiting team much of a chance at winning.

The same thing can happen even when the teams are considered evenly matched. For example, if you were to search for the Super Bowl today you’d find several betting markets with the New England Patriots as 2.5-point favorites over the Minnesota Vikings. So even though this year’s Super Bowl is considered to be one of the most even matchups of all time, the public still wants to avoid taking the Patriots, at least in this form.

Why Home Teams Win The Most

The simple answer is that most people think that home teams win in sports because they’re better trained and accustomed to playing on their home field. For the most part, this is certainly true when it comes to American sports. But there are exceptions. For example, the Ottawa Senators have played several home games this season against other Canadian NHL teams. After those games, the team’s owner, Eugene Melnyk, told the press that he’s had plenty of problems getting decent betting action because the public thinks that playing on home ice equates to an automatic win. He went on to say that when players for his other teams in the league ask about betting on their games he has to tell them that it’s not worth it because their team will most likely lose.

Now, in the case of the Toronto Raptors, their fans have a legitimate reason to be optimistic. The team plays all of its home games in the Air Canada Centre, one of the most sophisticated sports arenas in the world. It has a capacity of 37,000 and is considered one of the greatest venues for basketball. A lot of credit is due to the incredible sounds the arena makes when the ball is in play. As a result, it’s not uncommon for basketball fans to place bets on games from the stands, especially since gamblers can’t place bets on individual players. This may be why you see such low odds in most places for the Raptors.

NFL Teams That Are Good Bets

Of course, this isn’t just limited to American sports. Many European teams have built a reputation for beating the odds and going into games with very low odds. Some of the top teams that can be found in that category include Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, and Real Madrid. The main reason behind this is that the vast majority of fans in those sports bet on the underdog, and with very good reason. In many cases, these teams are able to find ways of winning even when they’re at a disadvantage, so it’s not surprising that the public is attracted to this style of play.

It should also be noted that in these sports, the total amount of betting that occurs during the course of the game is much higher than it is in the United States. For example, a single football game between two American teams might see a total wager of around $10,000. But a game between two British teams, for example, Wandsworth Wizards v Cleektown Cobras, could see a wager of up to $120,000, simply because there are more people willing to place such large wagers on foreign teams.

Underdogs Help Charities

One of the best things about placing bets on the underdogs is that you’re helping a great cause. American teams like the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots, as well as teams from other countries like France and Scotland, have set up a system where they play several home games a year against different charities. These teams are known as the White Team, and the games usually take place in October, November, and December, the times of the year when the odds are traditionally at their lowest. As a result, the games usually raise a lot of money for the charity.

It should be noted that the opposite is also true. Sometimes placing bets on the favorite can result in a lot of money being donated to charity. For example, around Christmas time many football teams will play on New Year’s Day. If you know that one of the teams is going to be an underdog when they play on New Year’s Day, you might want to consider placing a bet on that game, in order to help a great cause. In most cases, the betting public will view this as a charity game and thus make the money from this game available to the charity.

When Should You Avoid Bets On The Consensus Line?

As we mentioned above, there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes it makes sense to bet on the consensus line. But before you do, you should ask yourself these questions:

Will the public have enough faith in the experts to put their money on a game they’ve never heard of? Will they have enough faith in the experts to bet on a team they don’t support? Will they have enough faith in the experts to bet on a game in which they have no interest in watching?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you can most likely find the betting line for your favor and take a gamble. But if you can’t answer “yes” to any of them, then you may want to avoid betting on the consensus line. Chances are, they’ll lose anyway, so it won’t bring you any joy. And as we saw above, even if they win, it won’t necessarily mean that you’ll win money, either. For simplicity’s sake, just remember: sometimes it makes sense to bet on the underdog, but other times it may be better to avoid it.