When Does Sports Betting Start at the Meadowlands?

The 2018 NFL season is now upon us, and for those who love betting on the games, there are several options for where to place sports wagers this year. One of the most popular locations for sports betting is the Meadowlands. The Meadowlands covers the tri-state area that stretches from New York City to New Jersey, and so most of the action can be found within those borders. If you are new to the world of sports betting, there are several things you should know. First, the rules and terms used in the sports wagering world can be a little tricky to grasp initially. Second, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various leagues, teams, and players, as betting on them could prove rewarding.

When Does Sports Betting At The Meadowlands Start?

You may have heard that the NFL regular season starts in September and ends in December. While that’s generally the case, the NFL postseason runs from January to February and is often referred to as the “playoffs.” That’s when you’ll want to be placing your sports wagers at the Meadowlands to take advantage of the best action. In fact, during the 2018 NFL season, the beginning of October saw the beginning of the NFL playoffs. Because the postseason runs through most of the month, you’ll want to make sure you’re setup with a sports book in time for the first game. The last week of October is traditionally the beginning of the NFL betting season, which means you could start seeing better odds and bigger winners as the games come in.

The NFL Has Changed The Way We Look At Football

The NFL has changed the way we look at football. Before the advent of the NFL, football was mostly seen as a game that men played in the streets around the country. The first professional league was founded in the United States in 1920, and up until the 1960s, the NFL was the only game in town. The first African-American star in the NFL was called the Black quarterback, and for the most part, African-Americans weren’t allowed to play pro football until the integration of the league in the 1950s.

When the NFL started, there were only two teams in the entire league – the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. Today, the NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, and it’s gained a following in a big way because it offers in-game betting as well as online wagering. People love to bet on the NFL because the games are usually close, the action is frenetic, and there are very strong underdogs who often go on to shock the world.

Why Should You Bet On The Browns In The 2018 NFL Draft?

If you’re new to the world of sports betting, you might be wondering what to bet on because there aren’t always clearcut favorites in the NBA, NHL, or MLB. Take the Browns for example. The Browns have had quite the interesting journey in the NFL, having started out with zero wins in the first 22 games of the 2017 season before finally breaking through and winning their first game of the year against the Texans. They went on to win six straight games, but their season came to an end in heartbreaking fashion when they lost the finale to the Steelers by a score of 23-20. You might think that since the Browns had such an outstanding season, they’d be an obvious pick to bet on, but in reality, they are one of the weaker teams in the NFL in terms of established talent.

The Browns won more games than anyone expected them to in their expansion season, and that’s definitely an indication that they could have some exciting moments this year. However, the main factor that might make you consider betting on the Browns is quite simply that they haven’t lost a game since October 26th, when they played the Steelers (home game). If you ask me, the Browns are worth a shot in the 2018 NFL Draft. They have a very good chance at making the playoffs, and if they do, it’ll be interesting to see how much support they get because they’re a little bit of a long shot.

The Best Places To Bet On Sports In New York City

If you happen to be in New York City and you love football, it’s best to check out the different options for places to bet on games. While the NFL is the most popular professional sports league in America, the ABA, WNBA, and NCAA football champions aren’t typically the kind of teams you’d put money on. That being said, there are a few exceptions. The biggest challenge might be determining which sports book to go with because there are so many options in New York. Here are some suggestions:

  • Meadowlands (N.J.) – The Meadowlands is the best place to be for football fans in New York City. It’s easily accessible by car or train from Manhattan, and the closest train stop is called Journal Square. You’ll want to be at the Meadowlands when the games matter because there’s always plenty of action and tight games to be had there. The key is knowing which book to go with because there are several options: you could place your wagers at the NYRA football book, the Yankees or Giants baseball books, or the Knicks basketball book. Each of these options has their perks, and it’s best to do a bit of research before committing.
  • Bookies Alley (Astoria) – If you’re a fan of English football, you may want to visit Bookies Alley in Astoria. It’s a bit of a walk east from where the M60 meets the Grand Central Parkway, but if you’re a betting man, it’s worth it. You’ll find all the English Premier League games running on the TVs there, and you can place wagers on all the major matches. The key to having a good time at Bookies Alley is to come early because the place gets packed during the game days. There’s usually no waiting room, so be sure to arrive early and find a good seat. You may want to get there a bit early just to make sure you get a good spot.
  • Bettors’ Corner (Tri-Borough) – Bettors’ Corner in the Bronx is another option for bettors residing in New York City. It’s literally across the street from Yankee Stadium, so you’ll want to make sure you get your money’s worth when you visit this location. You can wager on all the major sporting events that take place in the Bronx, including the New York Knicks, New York Yankees, and New York Rangers. However, the best part of Bettors’ Corner is that you’ll find all the NFL, NBA, and NHL games there. You’ll see tons of people there during the game days, which makes it easier to place your wagers.
  • West End Market (S.F.) – Did you know that there are several markets within San Francisco where you can place wagers on sports? One of the best places to be for football fans is the West End Market. It’s located on Washington Street in the center of the city, and it’s easily accessible by car or public transport. If you’ve never been there, it’s best to check it out. You may bet on all kinds of sports in the market, but you’ll mostly see action on the football, basketball, and hockey scores. There aren’t many markets where you’ll see so many people betting on games during the week. The key to having a good time at the West End Market is to come early and find a good seat. There’s rarely any wait time, so you may want to show up a bit early just to get a good spot. Also, make sure you are there during the week, because the place is usually pretty dead on Sundays.

Where To Bet On Sports In Los Angeles

If you’re a big fan of the NBA and you happen to be in Los Angeles, it’s best to check out the various options for places to bet on games. While there aren’t many professional sports teams in Los Angeles, there are several collegiate teams that you may want to get behind. The UCLA Bruins are one of the most popular teams in Southern California, and because they’re relatively new to the big leagues, there hasn’t been a lot of history to go over. That being said, there are a few bookies that specialize in NCAA football and basketball, and if you know where to look, it’s easy to find where to lay your wagers. Here are some places you can put your monies on games this year: