When Will Maryland Allow Online Sports Betting?

The legalization of sports betting in Maryland is one of the biggest stories this past year and it still seems to be unfolding. The legislature passed the Maryland Online Gaming Act in June 2018 to allow for sports betting with a few minor restrictions. The law took effect on October 1, 2018.

The excitement surrounding the passing of this law was evident in the number of people who placed bets and the volume of online wagers. Just a few days after the law went into effect, the first online sportsbook to offer Maryland Sports was launched. The Maryland Department of gambling regulators promptly investigated numerous complaints about this new industry and shut down a number of these operations. Many fans, players, and industry representatives viewed this as a missed opportunity to provide a safe and regulated option for residents to place wagers online.

What Does the Law Say About Sports Betting?

The Maryland Online Gaming Act, codified in Chapter 19 of the Maryland state statutes, outlines the basic framework for legalized sports betting in the state. This law primarily affects the operation of online sportsbooks, but it also applies to other aspects of the industry such as pools and online casinos.

In order to operate a sportsbook, an entity must be either a licensed casino or a partnership of two or more casinos. This restriction in the law applies to physical sportsbooks as well as online operations. It also means that any company or person who wants to set up shop in Maryland as an online sportsbook would need to obtain a license from the state.

The law sets up three categories of licenses for online sportsbooks. The first is a full-service license, which allows for online sports betting in all forms. The second is a live gaming license, which covers physical sportsbooks. The third is a semi-dedicated license, which grants permission to operate an online sportsbook that offers games only from a single entity. This license category does not allow for games from multiple sources, such as American football, basketball, and baseball teams.

While recreational sports betting will be legal in Maryland, the law sets up strict limitations on how individuals can access the online gambling world. In order to place a legal wager, an individual must be over 21 years old and must have a valid passport.

When Will Maryland Allow Online Poker?

The Maryland Online Gaming Act doesn’t address online poker, but it’s clear that this form of gambling will be legal in the state eventually. Poker has been classified as a form of skill-based gaming, rather than a game of chance, and this has helped make it legal in several US states. These days, it’s not uncommon to see poker tables in some of the best casinos in America. It’s no surprise that some people are already looking forward to playing online poker in Maryland. The state legislature is currently considering a proposal to legalize online poker in Maryland. If this law passes, it would be yet another reason for people to play online poker in the state.

What About Online Casinos?

With regard to online casinos, the Maryland Online Gaming Act prevents unlicensed operators from offering their services in the State. This means that any website that promotes online casinos in Maryland should not do so until they are licensed by the state. The good news for online casinos is that this restriction in the law does not apply to foreign websites that are licensed in other states. If a foreign website is operating legally in another state, it can establish a legal gaming operation in Maryland as long as it is licensed to do so. Online casinos will be able to offer their games to Maryland residents, although, in most cases, they will not be able to accept wagers from the State due to federal regulations that prohibit Internet gambling and the use of US credit cards to fund it.

What About International Sports Betting?

Under normal circumstances, residents of Maryland would not be able to participate in sports betting outside of the state. However, the state’s geographic proximity to the borders of Pennsylvania and Virginia offers up all kinds of opportunities for residents to bet on sports from across the pond. International sports betting is all the more attractive to Maryland residents now that the option to place bets from home is made available. It’s clear that the Maryland legislature recognized this opportunity and they made sure to include language in the law to allow for international sports betting. This way, residents of the state can still participate in the exciting world of sports betting, even if they are restricted to placing wagers only on games that are played out-of-state.

When Can I Gamble Online in Maryland?

It is important to note that the restriction that prevents Maryland residents from gambling online does not apply to residents of neighboring states. This means that residents of Pennsylvania can legally gamble online as soon as they cross the state line. Similarly, residents of Virginia can gamble online as soon as they enter the state. There are no restrictions on who can gamble online in the state of Maryland.

The Maryland Online Gaming Act will certainly make it easier for residents to access online gambling. It prevents the kind of issues that were encountered by many in the early days of online gambling. This is good news for all those who are interested in trying their hand at gambling online. From a legal standpoint, it’s also good to know that the restriction on who you can gamble with does not apply to you. Now, you can legally bet on all the major sporting events, including those that take place outside of Maryland, meaning that you may be able to make some serious money. Just remember to stay lucky.