When Will Sports Betting be Legal in California?

You may have heard about the recent California Amendment that would have made sports betting legal. Unfortunately, the measure failed to pass. However, it’s not over yet! Proposition 64 received more votes than any other proposed amendment and could bring legal sports betting to California. If you’re interested, check out our in-depth guide about what you need to know about the upcoming California ballot measure and whether or not you’ll be able to take advantage of sports betting this upcoming election season.

What Is Proposition 64?

Proposition 64 is a proposed amendment to the California State Constitution that would legalize sports gambling in the state. Currently, all forms of sports gambling, including sports betting, are illegal in California, thanks to a law passed back in 1999. Proposition 64 would amend the constitution so that it is permissible for bookmakers and sportsbooks to operate in the state. In addition, it would give mobile phone and online bookmakers the same rights as traditional sportsbooks.

Why Is Sports Gambling Illegal In California?

For the most part, California has been a law-abiding state when it comes to sports betting, with very few problems. This all changed in 1999 when the state passed a law that made sports betting illegal. This was largely done to generate extra revenue and to combat gambling addiction. In 2010, the state of California collected a record $2.9 billion from sports betting, and that number is expected to more than double in 2019.

As a result of the law, many bookmakers and sportsbooks have established illegal operations outside of California, where the practice is legal. This has led to a massive amount of illegal gambling in states like Nevada and New Jersey, which is one of the reasons why those states have such a large percent of their population classified as problem gamblers. If Proposition 64 passes, it will help create a more level playing field for legal sportsbooks in California, which in turn will help reduce the illegal gambling that plagues other states.

How Does Proposition 64 Effect Mobile Phone and Online Bookmakers?

Thanks to the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Promotion Act in 2010, which is known as “UIGEA”, online and mobile bookmakers have also been effectively shut out of the sports betting market. UIGEA made it illegal for companies to promote online gambling, including sports betting. However, this did not stop marketers from promoting online betting, nor did it stop online bookmakers from operating in the state. Proposition 64 does not change any of that.

What Forms Does Proposition 64 Recognize?

As mentioned above, Proposition 64 would amend the California constitution so that it is legal for sportsbooks and bookmakers to engage in the practice of sports gambling. The measure does not recognize traditional sports, such as football, baseball, etc., but it does recognize individual sports, such as horse racing, as well as some forms of team sports, such as American football, ice hockey, and boxing. It also recognizes collegiate sports and the Olympic Games.

Proposition 65 would have to be passed in order to implement any of the changes made by Proposition 64. If that is approved by the voters, it will go into effect in 2023 (or the next election if it is not approved). If Proposition 65 is approved, it will bring with it a plethora of new regulations, including how betting lines will be determined, how wagers will be accepted, and what forms of ID will be required to place a bet.

When Will We Know If Proposition 64 Passes?

Unfortunately, we don’t know if or when Proposition 64 will pass. In fact, the only way to find out is by voting in the next election. You can bet that if one of the big bookmakers was to make a $1 million wager on the amendment failing to pass, they would be shutting down their California operations within a week. It’s not a matter of if Proposition 64 will pass, it’s a matter of when!

If you’re interested in knowing whether or not Proposition 64 will pass, you can find out anytime by going to the website of the California Secretary of State and clicking on “Return Vote” for Proposition 64. It will then be up to you to decide whether or not to vote yes or no on the proposition. Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on the complex issue of whether or not to legalize sports gambling in California.